What is flatfoot? Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Flatfoot It is one of the most common orthopedic health problems in the society. Although there is generally a belief that it is congenital, it can also occur as a result of changes in the structure of the feet, for any reason. Experts say that flat feet can occur after the age of 30-40, although it is usually congenital. Flatfoot, which occurs in advanced ages, is mostly caused by joint diseases or overweight.

The absence of the arch in the lower part of the foot in adult individuals can be explained as flat feet. The fibers that make up the foot arch are tendons that connect the heel and bones. Many fibers descending from the lower leg to the foot also support the formation of the foot arch. When all the fibers are healthy and working properly, the arches of the feet are formed in a curved shape. If a healthy operation is not observed, the foot arch does not occur.

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Flatfoot condition, It indicates that your fibers are not working properly and regularly. To be sure, you can do a little kontrol. Wet your soles and step on a floor where that wetness will be clearly visible. Then check your footprint. If you have all of your feet on the ground, then you are likely to have flat feet. Although it cannot be seen clearly in childhood, you can tell if you have flat feet with this kontrol in adulthood. In this article we prepared for my knowledge base readers, we tried to explain what kind of health sorun flatfoot is, its types, how and why it occurs and most importantly, its treatment.

What is flatfoot?

Flatfoot is also known as low base. Every time the foot touches the ground, it allows the body to stretch and perform the behavior called springing. One of the most important areas that enable the springing behavior is the inside of the foot sole. if there is no inward curving at the base this is called flat feet. Up to the age of 3, almost all children can look flat feet.

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Then gradually the foot begins to arch. In adulthood, it becomes a sorun that affects many things, from wearing shoes to walking. If there is an obvious flatfoot when children are only 8 years old, you should know what kind of flatfoot. If there is a developmental flatfoot, it may not be a sorun. If there is flatfoot that requires treatment, this will be a sorun.

It can occur congenitally or it can be seen later in adults. It is an orthopedic sorun that is quite common in society. It reduces the quality of life of the person. Especially women have a hard time when they have to wear elegant and high heels. In fact, many women with flat feet always prefer to wear orthopedic shoes recommended by the doctor.

As people with this sorun get older deformities begin in their feet. However, conditions such as waist pain and arthritis occur. Undoubtedly, feet are exposed to all body weight. If there is little or insufficient curvature in the inner part of the foot, flat feet should be mentioned for that person and this person feels significant pain in his ankles and waist.

There are two types of flatfoot, flexible and rigid;

Flexible Flatfoot: In flexible flatfoot, the curve appears when the foot is idle, but this gap disappears when the ground is pressed and the foot straightens. If it is not a genetic sorun, it usually resolves spontaneously after the age of 8-10. Cases of flat feet that disappear at an early age will give positive results in a shorter time with the treatment method applied by the doctor.

Hard Flatfoot: In this type of flatfoot, there is no curve when the foot is on the ground or when it is idle. Since it does not resolve on its own, its treatment is usually surgical operation. This type, which occurs with the deterioration of the balance between the foot bones, causes permanent problems in the future if not treated.

What Causes Flatfoot?

Pes planus There are two main causes of flat feet known as. One of these innate It is flatfoot known as flexible soles. This is not a serious health sorun. What draws attention in the congenital flatfoot is that the foot of the patient özgü a curve when it is not lifting. If the load-bearing is standing, the curve disappears. This kind of foot sorun is about 20% seen in the rate. It does not require treatment.

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Other flat feet is stiff flat feet It is a condition that requires treatment. The main reason for this is that the bones in the ankle joints. This disease requires surgical intervention. Injury, overweight, inflammation, fractures, dislocations and nerve disorders can also cause flat feet in your feet.

Experts say that every person özgü flat feet when they are born and that the arch of the foot becomes evident after the age of 5. The full development and strengthening of this structure takes until the age of about 8-10. By the age of 5, the sole of the foot özgü not yet completed its development and is covered with a thick fatty tissue. For these reasons, it is recommended that children be walked barefoot until the age of 5.

Besides that for toddlers from soft leather It is recommended to wear made shoes. If shoes with very hard skin and structure are worn, the development of the foot muscles and ligaments of the child will be negatively affected. Another important issue that should not be mentioned before is about orthopedic shoes … Although there is a common perception among the public that orthopedic shoes are the best choice, it is recommended to prefer anatomical or physiological shoes instead.

What are the Symptoms of Flatfoot?

Flatfoot, which can be easily observed in many people, is not treated if it does not cause problems, but not everyone is so lucky. Standing constantly pain, easy and quick fatigue, swelling of the sole of the foot, inward pressure, shinbone pain, If there are symptoms such as pain and swelling in the fingers, a doctor’s treatment is required. Another symptom of flatfoot is the feet that constantly callus.

If you have chosen your shoes correctly and your feet have corns, one of the reasons may be your flat feet. There is also the most easily observed symptom we just mentioned. When düzgüsel people step on the ground, the space in the middle of the foot leaves no trace on the ground. However, people with flat feet will leave a trace of the entire foot on the floor. This is one of the simplest and most understandable tests of flatfoot.

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If we collect the general symptoms of flatfoot;

  • Frequent pain in the feet.
  • Early feeling of tiredness despite little movement or walking.
  • Foot pressing inward.
  • Back pain that gradually increases in intensity.
  • Knees hitting each other while walking.
  • Decreased mobility while doing sports.
  • Arthritis in the waist.
  • Pain in the foot and shin bone.

How to Prevent Flatfoot?

The first rule to avoid flatfoot the right shoes is to prefer. Orthopedic shoes that come to mind when the right shoes are mentioned are a wrong belief. Orthopedic shoes are recommended by the doctor for people with foot problems. If you are not yet flat feet, you should choose shoes that support the curvature of your feet and fill the curve. If any of the symptoms of flatfoot have caught your attention, you should do foot exercises to take precaution.

What is the Treatment of Flatfoot?

In order to begin flatfoot treatment, first of all, it should be made sure that the correct diagnosis is made. It should be known whether the patient is flexible-based or rigid flatfoot that requires treatment. Later, if the patient is a child and there is no pain, only the process is followed. Special sole treatment is applied to children with pain. Pain-relieving medications are given.

What Should Be Considered When Buying Shoes?

Physical therapy and orthopedic shoes usage is the most important stages of treatment. People with flat feet, definitely He should not wear high heels. Surgical intervention in flatfoot only occurs in bone problems, so surgery is not always necessary. When not properly treated in childhood, in adulthood surgical intervention will be required.

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