What is Eye (Spectacle) Grass? How to use? What Are the Benefits and Side Effects?

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As people have focused on alternative medicine recently, various kinds of plants have come to the fore frequently. Eye or eyeglass özgü begun to be recognized as one of the plants that have an impact on human health with its benefits. Although the herb özgü actually been used for many years, it özgü started to come to the fore due to the intense return to natural remedies.

Eye grass on the plant the shape of the flower, as it looks like an eye It took this name. Eye problems There are also those who argue that there is a relationship between the fact that it sounds good and its naming. In particular, it is called eyeglass grass, which supports this thesis. As a result of the research about It was discovered 10 thousand years ago It is understood that the plant spread rapidly from the moment it was found.

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Spectacle is now open to use in many forms. Even now in manufacturing and medical sector It özgü also been replaced, it özgü been prepared in different formats for easy use. Since it is a harmless plant when used correctly, it is necessary to hisse attention to its usage recommendations and its amounts.

What is Eye (Spectacle) Grass?

What is Eye (Spectacle) Grass?

Eyeball can exist spontaneously in nature with its elegant looking leaves from wild plants is one. These flowers of the plant, which özgü tiny, white-colored flowers, are used. The flowers of the plant, also known as eyeglass, can be collected and dried and used.

A set in the content of eye grass alkaloids and at the same time glycoside are available. Latin name for spectacle Euphrasia known as. The upright leaves of the plant are in a shape called lace. The flower of the plant is whitish and özgü red and blue spots on the flower. The flower of the eyeball plant is located in the middle of the herb. These flowers are definitely gathering in summer is necessary because the drying process should be done.

How to Use Eye (Glasses) Grass?

How to Use Eye (Glasses) Grass?

Eyeball is a type that is consumed by making tea like many herbs. The brewed tea can be drunk or it is suitable to use as a tincture. Freshly brewed eye grass tea can be preferred in eye wash. This tea brewed to drink again on the skin can also be used. Using the plant directly from its flower In the summer heat but in the shade to dry you must take care.

While leaves and flowers are dried in this way within 2 days root parts under the sun must be dried. The prepared plant can be stored in a glass jar in a cool environment. If drying özgü occurred, the plant should definitely not wait in the open any longer. Otherwise, the beneficial oils in it may evaporate and the plant will no longer benefit.

Eye grass easily find in herbalists and spice shops It is possible, but you should remember that the plant can be found in different ways in the market. When the use of the spectacle plant spreads, producers tablets, capsules and drops They started to sell as. In this way, it is more practical to use, but it is important to buy products from reliable places. The fact that it is a little known plant will increase the chance of people being mistaken. Known brands and reliable herbalists are best suited for shopping.

How to Brew Eye Grass Tea?

How is Eye (Glasses) Herb Tea Brewed?

In order to brew eyeball tea, it is necessary to boil around 400 ml of water first. On the one hand, 2 teaspoons of eyeliners should be put into the teapot. After the water boils, it should be added to the plant in the teapot and the tea should be left to infuse. Eye grass tea ideal brewing time on average between 5 and 10 minutes. After brewing is completed eye grass tea freshly should be used.

What Are the Benefits of Eye Grass?

What are the Benefits of Eye (Glasses) Herb?

That eye grass is beneficial Hz. Mohammed (SAV) also özgü a command. Under the command of the Prophet, the plant anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory properties It is emphasized. When compresses with eyebrow tea eye cold, eye inflammations is getting better. Eye strain and, accordingly stinging sorun those who live can try eye grass tea. After a short period of use, it will be seen that the eyes will feel better and the sensitivity to light will decrease.

Eyeshadow tea, cold, cough, sore throat It is one of the supportive treatments in such ailments. Of the plant to sinusitis It is also known to be good. Those with digestive system problems, especially gas sorun in their stomach and intestines Those who can consume tea made from eyeliners.

You can apply the brewed eye grass tea to the area where you have skin problems with the help of cotton. Improve acne plant, to skin wrinkles is also good. For the eye grass plant to affect the skin Regularly without a break over a long period of 3 months It must be used in the biçim. It is important to be sensitive about re-brewing the tea in each use, that is, using it fresh.

What Are The Side Effects Of Eye Grass?

What Are The Side Effects Of Eye (Glasses) Herb?

Eye grass özgü no known and determined side effects. Like every plant, the method and amount of use are important details in eye grass. As a result of excessive use various problems can be seen. Scientific researches on eye grass are not sufficient. Therefore pregnant women, nursing mothers, young children It is not recommended to consume eyeglasses.

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Those who have a known chronic illness and those who receive medication should consult their doctor before using the herb. After using eyebrow tea in any biçim, those who feel discomfort for the area used or in general should immediately consult a specialist.

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