What is External (Ectopic) Pregnancy? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

While some mothers who want to have children take their babies in their arms without any problems, some may not be so lucky. Birth control pills used in the first years of marriage can sometimes prevent pregnancy from occurring even when it is decided to have a baby. This is just a simple example that comes to mind. Another danger that awaits expectant mothers is ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy, which occurs in some people and is very difficult to detect, in some cases can lead to the death of both the baby and the mother.

In healthy women, the fertilization process required for pregnancy takes place inside the uterus, and in an ectopic pregnancy, this happens in the outer part of the uterus. This condition, which is called ectopic pregnancy, sometimes gives symptoms, but generally progresses insidiously and endangers the life of the expectant mother. Possibility of ectopic pregnancy in women 1 in 100 women or 2 Although this situation is not noticed early, the life of the woman who özgü an ectopic pregnancy is endangered.

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Ectopic pregnancy, other düzgüsel in the early stages of pregnancy Carries common scars with pregnancy symptoms and therefore its diagnosis becomes very difficult. As soon as it is understood that the symptoms start to differ from düzgüsel pregnancy as the pregnancy progresses, the external pregnancy should be intervened immediately. Ectopic pregnancy, which is a great danger for fertile women, is very common. Now let’s learn together about the risks of an ectopic pregnancy, how it occurs and what it can lead to.

What is External (Ectopic) Pregnancy?

What is External (Ectopic) Pregnancy?Life threatening ectopic pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy In its simplest definition, the fertilized egg growing anywhere else outside of the uterus is the event. Any expectant mother who wants to confirm the pregnancy suspicion with the menstrual delay clarifies this situation with a urine or blood kontrol.

According to the pregnancy outcome, many symptoms progress in the same way as düzgüsel pregnancy, but the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is very difficult at this stage. Therefore, the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy should be known and a doctor should be consulted immediately in the slightest suspicion. Especially those who have had an ectopic pregnancy in their previous pregnancies should be prepared for this situation and take the necessary precautions in their new pregnancies.

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Ectopic pregnancy, which does not cause symptoms in every woman and progresses insidiously, results in death in some cases. Studies show that two out of every hundred pregnancies occur in the biçim of ectopic pregnancy. Although early diagnosis is made due to frequent visits to a doctor today, it is still a very common health sorun in underdeveloped countries.

Ectopic pregnancy, which is in the first place in maternal deaths in the first trimester of pregnancy, may occur due to obstruction or infection of the fallopian tubes, damage to the pelvic area or another sorun. The most important risk factors are pregnancy at an advanced age (35-44 years), previous ectopic pregnancy, abortion, smoking too much and for many years, use of birth control drugs for a long time, and cysts in the reproductive organ.

What are the causes of an ectopic pregnancy?

What are the causes of an ectopic pregnancy?One of the main reasons why ectopic pregnancy occurs outside of the womb, the tubes are blocked. The biggest cause of congestion in the tubes is the previous infections shown as. Apart from this, an operation that özgü been undergone congenital deformities also prepares the ground for ectopic pregnancy.

This causes the eggs, which are trying to reach the egg to be fertilized, to fertilize outside of the uterus. Inside the fallopian tube While fertilization occurring anywhere is called an ectopic pregnancy, it is not a düzgüsel thing for health, which özgü made women to be very careful.

Causes such as the fallopian tubes not being the way they should be for düzgüsel pregnancy or any damage is one of the reasons that increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. For this reason, a detailed study before these thoughts of women who are thinking of pregnancy From the gynecological examination are recommended.

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Experts list other factors that are thought to cause ectopic pregnancy, although it is not fully certain; polygamous sex life, in vitro fertilization and infertility treatments, genital infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases, Being over the age of 35 and finally smoking.

What are the Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy?

What are the Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy?Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy after pregnancy diagnosis in some pregnant women It can take up to 14 weeks. In order to facilitate early diagnosis considering the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, unilateral abdominal pains It should be known that there is no symptom that does not indicate düzgüsel situations during pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is among the most important symptoms that make it easier for pregnant women to suspect ectopic pregnancy.

However, since the appearance of vaginal bleeding in the early weeks will cause it to be confused with menstrual bleeding, its color and ratio different from düzgüsel menstrual bleeding may make it easier to distinguish this symptom. Diarrhea and vomiting are the most common symptoms in ectopic pregnancy. Since these conditions will be confused with pregnancy symptoms, it is possible to detect ectopic pregnancy late.

What is the Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy?

What is the Treatment of Ectopic Pregnancy?Surgical intervention is the primary treatment modality in ectopic pregnancy. If the diagnosis is made early and ectopic pregnancy is noticed before the tube is ruptured, laparoscopy It will be correct to apply the method. In laparoscopy, it is possible to observe the inside of the abdomen with the help of a camera. First of all, gas is given to the abdomen with the help of a needle and inflated. A camera is then sent into the abdomen at the belly button level. In this way, the inside of the abdomen is completely visible.

The tools used in the surgical operation are entered here and the necessary intervention is provided in this way. The advantage of laparoscopy is that it enables the patient to stand up more quickly. If the damage caused by the ectopic pregnancy to the mother özgü reached a more advanced level and there is a rupture in the tubes, then the only solution is to open the abdomen. surgical treatment implementation. Although rare, it is seen that treatment with medication is applied.

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What Are The Dangers Of Congenital Pregnancy For The Mother?Ectopic pregnancy is a situation that endangers the mother’s life when early diagnosis is not possible. Many developed countries that are aware of this issue have succeeded in reducing the mortality rates from ectopic pregnancy. On the other hand, in many developing countries, the number of women dying from ectopic pregnancy is increasing. Although not every case of ectopic pregnancy results in death, late recognition causes the danger that may arise for the expectant mother to become serious.

Some experts state that people who have this sorun in a few pregnancies may face a stenosis sorun later. As we all know, infertility is the worst dream of every parent who wants to have a baby. At the same time, ectopic pregnancy occurs in the cervix, loss of the uterus It raises serious problems.

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One of the most important dangers of ectopic pregnancy bleeding. In case of uncontrollable and unstoppable bleeding, the doctor should perform emergency surgery. It should not be forgotten that female deaths due to ectopic pregnancy are caused by deaths occurring in the first three sides of pregnancy. three quarters It covers such a large rate. For this reason, expectant mothers should go to the doctor’s control regularly from the moment of pregnancy diagnosis.

So how does ectopic pregnancy cause permanent damage to the mother? Most importantly, it creates the risk of re-pregnancy. Since the channels will close possibility of infertility is in question. If it özgü been surgically treated or if there is a serious condition, the uterus can be removed completely.

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