What is Expigment Cream? What Does It Do? What are the benefits?

What is Expigment Cream? What? What are the benefits? Purifying Cream; Expigment Cream, which is a lifesaver for women who dream of having a more radiant, more vivid and flawless skin; It stands out as an effective stain remover cream.
This cream whose active ingredient is hydroquinone; It effectively combats dark spots and skin darkening that occur after excessive skin pigment formation.

Immediately lightens the color of the spots by penetrating deeply into sun spots, blackish discolorations, large shapeless spots and dark brown on the skin.

Anti-blemish cream frequently used by women and of great interest; recently broke pharmacy sales records.

What is Expigment Cream?

Aging, prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, wrong skin care products, cosmetics and makeup, etc. Foaming cream used in the treatment of black spots, dark brown spots, sun spots and freckles that occur on the skin according to the factors and settle on the skin over time; It is a cream prescribed by doctors.

This cream, which eliminates the tonal imbalances of the skin and gives the skin a single color, is also very good for dark circles.

Auxiliary ingredients in Expigment cream, whose active ingredient is hydroquinone, include butyl methoxybenzoylmethane, citric acid monohydrate, sorbic acid, cyclomethicone, cetostearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, disodium EDTA, distilled water, butyl hydroxyanisole, white petroleum jelly and isopropylmyristate.

What does exposure cream do?

Remover cream, which contains 40 mg of hydroquinone per gram, is included in the list of creams, also called dermatologically.

This product, available in 30 gram aluminum tubes with plastic caps, gradually brightens the skin when applied to dark areas of the skin.

This cream, which colors the skin and slows down the production of melanin that prevents excessive pigmentation, allows the dark skin color to return to its original, healthy and natural color over time.

Benefits of the expiration cream

It is possible to summarize the most important benefits of regular use of Expigment cream, which comes to mind when it comes to spot removal cream, as follows:

  • It prevents the formation of new spots on the skin as well as removing the existing sun spots and dark spots that occur with aging.
  • The product recommended for skin tone imbalances ensures that the skin has a single color.
  • When used regularly, it offers you a whiter, brighter and more vivid skin.

Expiry cream price

The expiration cream is sold at 13 TL in pharmacies. If you want to buy the cream with a prescription, the cost of the cream is covered by the SGK.

How to use Expigmenting cream?

For the maximum effectiveness of the cream, you should apply this cream twice a day in the morning and at night.

Before applying the cream to the blemishes on the skin and face, you should wash the skin with plenty of water and apply toner to the skin. In short, you should apply the cream to your clean skin to allow the cream to penetrate your skin.

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You should apply the cream to your skin by gently massaging it with your fingertips.

You should avoid sun exposure after applying this cream. Otherwise, it can trigger the formation of new spots on your skin. Also, you should not apply the cream to your skin during the summer months.

When you apply the cream before going to bed at night, you can witness a noticeable reduction in blemishes and freckles on your skin in as little as two to three months.

Even if you use the cream regularly for 2 months, if you do not experience a positive improvement or improvement in your skin, you should stop using the cream and consult your doctor.

Things to consider when using expigmenting cream:

As with other topical creams and gels, you should not pay attention to and neglect some points while applying this cream to your skin; It may cause you to experience some side effects.

You should be careful when using this cream if you want to minimize the risk of side effects.

We can briefly summarize the most important points you should pay attention to while using Expigment cream:

  • If you are hypersensitive to the ingredients in the cream, you should avoid using this cream.
  • Before applying this cream to your children under the age of 12, you should definitely consult your doctor.
  • You should avoid the cream’s contact with mucous areas such as eyes, nose and mouth. In case of contact, the affected area should be washed with plenty of water and the cream should be removed.
  • You should not use this cream to treat sunburn and other skin burns.
  • If you have extremely sensitive skin, you should first apply the cream to a small amount on the neck area. If you notice excessive redness, irritation, inflammation or fluid-filled blisters on your skin, you should stop using the cream and consult your doctor.
  • You should use an effective sunscreen every time you use the cream.
  • You should keep this cream out of the reach of your children. If your children swallow the cream, you should take it to the doctor immediately.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby; You should consult your doctor about whether you can use the cream or not.
  • If you regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications while using the cream; You should inform your doctor about this.
  • Kidney or liver failure, etc. If you have any problems, you should consult your doctor about whether you can use this cream.
  • When using the cream, you should avoid overdose. You should not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten dose. If you notice that you have taken a double dose, you should go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Expigment 4 cream users

When we look at the user reviews of Expigment cream on the internet and blogs, we can see that many women use this cream.

This cream is especially used by women who have excessive exposure to the sun during the summer months and whose sun spots are concentrated on their skin.

We can even see in the comments that both men and women use this cream.

However, as everyone’s skin type is different, you can only decide after regular use whether this cream will work for you or not.

We recommend that you do not stop consulting your doctor before using the cream. Description 4 and those using Expigment 2 cream expigment cream 4 They said it works very well and is effective.

Side effects of quenching cream

Like other creams, Expigment cream can cause some side effects.

Side effects; Although rare, it mostly occurs in people who are overdosed or hypersensitive to the ingredients in the cream.

We can summarize the possible side effects as follows:

  • Swelling of the face, tongue and throat that makes breathing difficult.
  • Dizziness, shortness of breath
  • Acne

It is one of the extremely serious side effects of the cream. These side effects can be fatal, so you should see your doctor right away.

Rare side effects:

  • Mild burning, redness and stinging of the skin.
  • Dry skin
  • Formation of liquid-filled bubbles on the skin.
  • Cracks in the skin
  • Blue-black darkening of the skin

If you experience these side effects, you should stop using the cream and consult your doctor.

When is Expigment 4 cream applied?

The cream is used in the treatment of differences in skin tone, skin darkening and skin blemishes. You can use this cream to remove brown spots on your skin.

Can Expigment 4 cream be applied to the face?

If the problem is on your face, you can use the cream on the problem area. It is generally used with doctor’s advice in the treatment of skin spots on the face. To answer the question of whether Expigment cream brightens the skin, when applied regularly to the face, it brightens the skin color.

Expigment Bepanthol Mix Cream

You can use it with bepanthol cream to both remove skin imperfections and moisturize and protect the skin.

Has the exposure cream been put under custody?

It is generally not recommended to apply this cream under the eyes. Applying it under sensitive and thin eyes causes side effects. In particular, you may find the issue of exposure making my face red or irritated.

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Is a penance cream used for armpits?

Used to darken the armpits or lighten the armpits, this cream provides an underarm tone when used regularly.

Is exposure cream applied to the genital tone?

Those who want to use it to darken the genital area should definitely not use it unconsciously. Removal cream with a vaginal whitening effect is applied in small amounts and is never used during the menstrual period.

How many times a day is the expiration cream used?

In general, your doctor will tell you how many times a day to use, depending on the condition of the blemish and the skin problem. It is generally recommended to use the cream once a day.

When does the expired cream work?

Although it varies according to the intensity and depth of the skin stain, it can start to show effect within 2 months when used regularly, but you may need to use it for 6 months to get full results.

Cortisone purifying cream

Not in the cortisone drugs class

Does expigmenting cream exfoliate the skin?

The cream comes out of the skin and allows the skin to renew itself. It is not recommended to go out in the sun after applying the cream, as the skin will become sensitive due to its peeling effect.

Is cleansing cream good for stains?

Unlike many spot creams, the expiration cream is one of the creams that are good for skin blemishes. This cream that removes and reduces blemishes is definitely one of the best creams for blemishes.

Expigment Cream Madecassol Mix Cream

The mixture of Expigmen cream and madecassol cream is frequently used by those who want to remove skin imperfections and protect sensitive skin. Those who use expigment 4 against spots to protect the skin madecasol cream they use it.

The expiration cream is 2 or 4 more effective

Although there is no difference between Expigmen 2 creams and Expigment 4 creams, expigment 4 creams are used for the most intense and severe stains. Sometimes, doctors can start treatment with Expigment 2 cream.

Is Expigment Cream SGK Compliant?

The expiration cream is a prescription cream. It is never recommended to be taken without a prescription. If the cream is prescribed, SSI will cover it.

This cream 25 C, below room temperature, out of reach of your children.

You should not use the cream if you notice any strangeness in the cream.

If you have used this cream before or are using it now; You can write your user experiences and suggestions about the cream in the comments section of our article and share it with our valuable followers.

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