what is euphoria

Euphoria, an exaggerated sense of happiness that additionally means enthusiasm, takes on a special which means in psychiatry. Accordingly, euphoria at all times carries a pathological which means and is typically seen as an essential early symptom of natural cerebral illness.


Psychiatric medicine, alcohol, medicine and different stress-free chemical substances come at first of the components that trigger the euphoria impact.

Issues like sexual satisfaction, thrilling occasions, reaching nice success may also set off euphoria.

It is the precise equal of being abnormally overly completely satisfied past the feelings that come up in regular emotional reactions.


These experiencing this non-communicable illness can cheer for something. They really feel carefree, carefree, stress-free. There is no cause for these joys. As a result of the sensation of contentment is based mostly on a scarcity of consciousness and an incapability to really feel unhappiness or anxiousness.


This psychological state may additionally happen in relation to the quantity of alcohol within the blood. As well as, narcotic analgesics akin to morphine, meperidine and, to a lesser extent, methadone, may additionally trigger euphoria.

SYMPTOMS OF euphoria

Signs of euphoria embrace restlessness, paranoia, confusion, hallucinations, and incapability to adapt.


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