What is etamine ?

Etamine is a perforated cloth that is placed on the cross-stitch whereas embroidering. It is often utilized in cross-stitch fashions as a result of it is extra simply embroidered on this cloth.

The embroidery made on the material with tiny squares produced with holes within the options known as ethamine cloth is known as cross-stitch. Cross-stitch is a handicraft that is additionally known as tapestry in some locations.

As a consequence of using etamine cloth in cross-stitch making, the cross-stitch was additionally known as etamin over time.


Etamine cloth is often known as a kind of cotton cloth within the textile world. Etamine cloth is most popular in dwelling textiles and embroidery. It is used for making blankets, knitting needles, ornament instruments or further items for garments.

What is Etamine #1


  • It is a pure kind of cloth.
  • There are fashions of various frequencies out there.
  • There are areas of use based on frequency.
  • It is an advantageous cloth kind.
  • The colour alternative is broad.
  • Appropriate for cross-stitch fashions.
  • It is necessary that it is washable.
  • It has an necessary place within the manufacturing of prayer rugs.
  • It may be embroidered on cloth.

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