What is etamine

The embroidery made on the material with tiny squares produced with holes within the options known as ethamine material is known as cross-stitch. Cross-stitch is a handicraft that is generally known as tapestry.

As a consequence of using etamine material in cross-stitch making, the cross-stitch was additionally known as etamin over time.


Etamine material is referred to as a sort of cotton material within the textile world. Etamine material is most well-liked in residence textiles and embroidery. It is used for making blankets, knitting needles, ornament instruments or further items for garments.


  • It is a pure sort of material.
  • There are fashions of various frequencies available in the market.
  • There are areas of use in accordance with frequency.
  • It is an advantageous material sort.
  • The colour selection is extensive.
  • Appropriate for cross-stitch fashions.
  • It is necessary that it is washable.
  • It has an necessary place within the manufacturing of prayer rugs.
  • It may be embroidered on material.

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