What is echinacea (hedgehog grass), how is it consumed? What are the benefits of echinacea?

The fluctuation of air temperatures adversely impacts the human physique. It is essential to extend our physique resistance in opposition to illnesses, particularly in the winter months.

At this level, echinacea is a really helpful plant to guard in opposition to flu and colds.

So, what is echinacea or, in different phrases, hedgehog grass, how is it consumed? What are the benefits of echinacea?

WHAT IS Echinacea (Hedgehog)?

Echinacea is a herbaceous plant from the Asteraceae (Compositae) household. Echinacea, whose physique is thick and bushy, has lengthy and spear-like construction.

The leaves at the prime are sessile, whereas these on the underside are long-stalked. Echinacea, whose flowers are purple, is in the type of a conical disc of tubular flowers.

The homeland of the echinacea plant is America. Native Individuals have used echinacea, a pure treatment, to deal with ear infections and ache for a whole bunch of years.

As well as, echinacea is used as a natural therapy methodology for colds, snake bites, painful illnesses and throat irritation because of its antibiotic properties.


It is recognized that echinacea, a plant wealthy in antioxidants, copper, iron, magnesium, calcium, sodium, protein, fatty acids, vitamin A, B2, vitamin C and vitamin E, is good for a lot of issues. The primary benefits are as follows:

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  • Echinacea will increase the well being of protecting cells in the physique and helps wholesome cell progress.
  • The energetic chemical elements in echinacea scale back irritation and ache resulting from irritation.
  • Echinacea is an immune booster that helps forestall colds and flu.
  • It prevents infections.
  • It has a detox impact.
  • It is good for physique malaise and fatigue.
  • It has a therapeutic impact on insect and snake bites.
  • It relieves toothache and heals mouth sores.
  • It prevents migraine complications.
  • It has a protecting function in opposition to ulcers.
  • It prevents allergic reactions.
  • It is helpful in pores and skin problems resembling wounds, psoriasis, pimples (pimples) and eczema.
  • It helps individuals with nervousness problems to settle down.


Echinacea has many makes use of. Nonetheless, the most pure and efficient methodology is to devour it as tea.

Echinacea natural tea is obtained by conserving it in sizzling water for 10-Quarter-hour. It is beneficial to devour 3-5 cups per day.

It may be consumed as 3 cups a day from the starting of autumn to spring to strengthen the immune system.

What is echinacea (hedgehog grass), how is it consumed?  What are the benefits of echinacea?  #2nd

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