What is drainage

A drainage system is established with a view to forestall soil destruction by offering moisture and water insulation in buildings. Nevertheless, drainage is not an alternative choice to waterproofing utilized to the inspiration of the constructing.

Drainage, which helps waterproofing last more, makes the constructing extra immune to underground water stress.

Since buildings constructed on impermeable soils are extra uncovered to groundwater, it is a system that is usually utilized in buildings in these areas.

The drainage system is divided into inner and exterior.


Inner drainage is often achieved when exterior drainage is not potential.

In this sort of drainage utilized in basements, a nicely is made at a depth of not less than 2 meters and with a median dimension of fifty×50 centimeters, as an alternative of the middle of the constructing.

After the nicely is constructed, it is constructed as a rubble and stone wall with out utilizing mortar. It is coated utilizing a sheet steel or concrete cowl.

An automated water engine is positioned on the nicely that is first constructed for inner drainage in development. A water pipe is connected to the place the place the water can be poured, one finish of which is linked and the opposite finish is linked to the water motor, which is lowered into the nicely.

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Care have to be taken when reducing the pipe into the nicely. The water pipe shouldn’t contact the underside of the nicely, a niche of 15-20 centimeters needs to be left and a strainer needs to be connected to the top. On this method, when the water leaking from the bottom rises 40-50 centimeters above the ground stage of the basement, the water pump works and the water is thrown out.


Exterior drainage, in contrast to inner drainage, is achieved across the constructing.

A 30-50 cm deep channel is opened between the inspiration partitions of the constructing, 50-100 cm out. Concrete or clay pipes with a diameter of 20 centimeters are positioned on the backside of the opened channel at common intervals.

Clay filling is positioned within the channel at half the peak of the pipe. The elements close to the floor are additionally crammed with sand.

Stone or concrete chimneys are made out of the corners of the drainage channel, not less than 50-50 centimeters, ranging from the underside of the channel 15-20 centimeters down, and rising as much as the backyard stage.

The water is faraway from the constructing by connecting to the bottom stage pipes reminiscent of sewerage.

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