What is dark matter ?

Dark matter is invisible; It doesn’t emit, mirror or take up any kind of electromagnetic radiation corresponding to gentle, X-rays or radio waves. Subsequently, dark matter can’t be detected immediately.

Dark matter might encompass an as but unidentified subatomic particle of a very totally different kind than what scientists name baryonic matter.

But dark matter interacts with unusual matter. It reveals measurable gravitational results on giant constructions within the universe, corresponding to galaxies and galaxy clusters.

That is why astronomers can map the distribution of dark matter within the universe, even when they cannot see it immediately. This is completed by measuring the impact of dark matter on unusual matter by way of gravity.

A serious worldwide effort is at present being made to find out the character of dark matter.

To deal with the issue, astronomers designed ever extra refined and delicate detectors to disclose the identification of this mysterious substance.

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