What is crush syndrome ?

Crush syndrome is the commonest and life-threatening complication after an earthquake. It normally happens when part of the physique is uncovered to a excessive diploma of power or strain.

Crush syndrome is also called crush syndrome. Crush syndrome is noticed in people who find themselves below the rubble, particularly in harmful pure disasters reminiscent of earthquakes.


It happens because of crushing, damage, extended immobility and compression. All physique tissues could also be affected within the syndrome. Crush syndrome is a syndrome that causes renal failure, edema, shock and respiratory failure.

The injured who had been faraway from the rubble after the earthquake are first checked for Crush syndrome.

What is Crush syndrome #1


  • The colour of the urine is brown
  • -Edema on the pores and skin
  • coronary heart palpitations
  • Rhythm dysfunction (Arrhythmia)
  • Hypotension
  • Weak point
  • low blood strain

What is Crush syndrome #2


The first therapy technique in crush syndrome is fluid remedy. Fluid remedy is utilized in an effort to return the life capabilities of the sufferers trapped below the particles to regular and to deal with the crushed cells once more.

Crush syndrome considerably impacts the blood. Due to this fact, in folks with crush syndrome, the blood degree is tried to be balanced first. Due to this fact, the primary therapy possibility is to extend the accessible blood fluid within the blood.

Since kidney failure additionally happens in folks with Crush syndrome, the affected person is referred to dialysis, if deemed acceptable, in an effort to restore kidney capabilities.

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