What is cremation ?

Cremation is a type of burial referred to as cremation and utilized by the traditional Greeks in historical past.

The cremation course of is the method of ashing the physique by exposing it to very excessive temperatures in a big furnace. These ashes are literally small bone fragments.

After cremation is full, the ashes are returned to the household of the deceased.

The machine used to cremate the lifeless is known as a cremator.

The constructing the place cremations happen is known as the crematorium. The crematorium homes the cremation chamber in addition to all mandatory air flow and the instruments used to function them.


When there is a demise, the corpse is saved for 48 hours with out being cremated. Throughout this course of, DNA samples and identification data of the corpse are recorded. In line with the desire of the deceased, organs that may be taken from the cadaver are additionally taken to be transferred to the needy affected person.

For cremation, the corpse have to be cleansed of all synthetic prosthetics and steel gadgets. The physique is positioned in a steel field or in a coffin appropriate for the crematorium furnace, with the permission of the household and within the presence of witnesses.

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The cremation chamber, often known as a retort, maintains a temperature of between 1,400 and 1,800 levels Fahrenheit and is lined with industrial brick designed to deal with excessive temperatures.

The gasoline stays within the coffin because the physique is positioned within the combustion chamber. The door to the chamber opens solely briefly to the inside of the physique as a way to keep the excessive temperatures mandatory for the method.

Cremation chambers that have been as soon as burned with coal and coke at the moment are often fueled by pure gasoline, propane or diesel gasoline.

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  • Hinduism
  • Christianity
  • Buddhism
  • Judaism

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