what is cirrus ?

Cirrus, the identify given to the high-level layer cloud, is referred to as the very best of the ten primary clouds.

Clouds, consisting of seen water droplets, ice crystals, or a mix of each, collected in a free air mass are named in keeping with their look.

These are given as cirrus, cumulus, stratus and nimbus households.

Based on its traits, cirrus is the very best among the many 10 primary cloud sorts. It is filamentous, white, in patches or skinny strips.

in Latin “fold” or “curl” Cirrus, which means cirrus, consists solely of ice crystals.


The cirrus cloud, which is largely white and generally mild grey, passes daylight simply on account of its skinny construction and doesn’t go away any shadows.

It is typically thought-about an indication of an oncoming frontal system or tropical cyclone. Cirrus clouds, that are dispersed within the sky within the type of filament and tulle, may also float into the sky in keeping with the path of the jet streams.

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