What is Chickpeas? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

Chickpea plant processed, roasted it is called roasted chickpea. Prepared in special ovens and roasted for a while, then roasted and kept warm in roasted chickpeas machines, chickpeas are one of the most beneficial nuts for human health. Chickpeas that can be prepared as salt, sugar, caramel or plain show differences in local taste.

Almost everywhere different names, although some are among the most commonly consumed nuts in Turkey. Yellow chickpea The most consumed type of chickpeas right after white chickpea. in public gum roasted chickpea referred to as dried nuts, are harder than yellow. White chickpeas with lower salt content are processed slightly differently than yellow chickpeas.

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In Turkey Çorum province is famous for its roasted chickpeas. Although it is possible to find roasted chickpeas in almost every city, Çorum is the province with the best preparation and the most abundant variety. Roasted chickpea, dating back to the 14th century, is a food that is exquisitely prepared and taken as a gift, especially in the Ottoman Empire.

What is Chickpeas?

What is Chickpeas?

Obtained by roasting chickpeas Chickpeas are considered among the snack nuts. This food, which is prepared and sold fresh in dried fruits, is also available in packaged biçim in markets.

Chickpeas, which are very important for stomach health, are among the indispensable foods of Middle Eastern countries. Iran, India and Pakistan There are different types of chickpea consumption in many countries, especially. These countries outside of Europe, and was introduced to Asian countries and Turkey through.

Salty, spicy, sauce, flavored, caramel and chocolate including many flavors prepared with chickpeas in Turkey most salty choice are being.

What Are The Characteristics Of Chickpeas?

What Are The Characteristics Of Chickpeas?

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Low calorie, low carbohydrate and protein source The roasted chickpea özgü fiber content to protect the intestinal order. Since the fat content in it is very low facilitates digestion, It relieves stomach digestion. As it facilitates digestion, bloating, toilet sorun and gas pains are prevented.

Calcium, magnesium, potassium rich in roasted chickpeas, it is also the biggest helper of the diet process. To stay full when you diet You can consume a handful of chickpeas. It will prevent the stomach from feeling hungry.

What Are the Types of Chickpeas?

What Are the Types of Chickpeas?

Best known and best selling Chickpeas are yellow, white, gum and Cretan chickpeas. In addition to these chickpeas, which differ from each other with their preparation steps and flavors; There are also fruit-based, chocolate, crispy chips, Turkish coffee flavors, honey and sesame.

Chickpea varieties vary according to the city where they are sold. In some cities, only yellow and white chickpeas are available since they are not consumed at all, while in others they are also sold with different flavors such as hot, poppy and cream.

Chickpeas that are combined with different flavors depending on the creativity of the person preparing it. Much more beneficial when consumed plain and without salt is happening. Especially Individuals with stomach ailments can consume plenty.

What is Broken Chickpea? What are the features?

What is Broken Chickpea?  What are the features?

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Compared to other types of chickpeas cheaper cracked chickpeas, was consumed more widely in ancient times. in public known as cookie broken chickpeas were sold not in kilograms or grams, but on a glass basis.

Chickpeas, which are divided into two in the middle during the separation of chickpeas from the shell, are called broken roasted chickpeas. Fractures treated by separating from düzgüsel chickpeas do not differ in taste. These chickpeas are sold separately because they only spoil the aesthetic appearance. Broken chickpeas that are not offered for sale Main ingredient for chickpea flour making It is used as. Prepared This flour is kavut name are given.

By Who Was Chickpeas Found?

By Who Was Chickpeas Found?

Roasted chickpeas, which have a history of 7000 years, were first produced between 1370 and 1390. By Sheikh Murat Gazi It is thought to be produced. Afterwards, chickpeas, which are consumed and loved in a short time, are considered by the public as a source of healing.

Travel Book of Evliya Çelebi The roasted chickpea draws attention in the details of Istanbul in his work. Underlining that there were many in Istanbul in the 17th century, Çelebi describes it as the fruit that the public loved.

How Is Chickpeas Made?

How Is Chickpeas Made?

For chickpeas, chickpeas are collected and cleaned. Then they are eliminated and the bad ones are removed. They are roasted in wood fire for a long time. After the roasting process is completed, they are filled in sacks. 3 day throughout they are kept waiting. After resting enough, they are put on the same fire and roasted again.

After the second roasting process is over They are spread out and rested for 20 days. When the drying process is over, they are moistened and bagged. Chickpeas sealed in a sack for a day They are roasted for the third time. Then they separate from their shells. Chickpeas that are broken during shell separation are cleaned from among the healthy ones. Its aroma is determined immediately after shell separation. After they are prepared with salt, sugar, chocolate or caramel be fucked and ready for sale they are brought.

What Are the Benefits of Chickpeas?

What Are the Benefits of Chickpeas?

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Roasted chickpea skin rejuvenation and prevention of wrinkles provides. In addition, it will help the body skin gain shine. Who eats a handful of chickpeas a day heart health will be in place cholesterol sorun will not be found. Based on cholesterol minimizing chances of heart attack or stroke will be downloaded.

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Stomach acid will be alleviated when roasted chickpeas are consumed regularly. reflux, gastritis sorun will be resolved. In addition, gas pains in the intestines will be overcome by roasted chickpeas.

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