What is Celery? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

Many of the edible vegetables are very beneficial for health. Celery özgü also managed to gain a place among useful vegetables. Until recently, it did not have a very large place in Turkish cuisine; With the increase of awareness about healthy nutrition, celery özgü managed to be on the agenda.

Since celery is among the low-calorie foods, it can be easily consumed while dieting. Celery, which is a complete food source, Vitamins K and A rich in terms. A good antioxidant celery protects the human body against many diseases. If you are in the weight loss period, you can choose celery to prevent the body from weakening and to have a low-calorie meal.

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It is known that 100 grams of celery özgü 16 calories. Celery sodium and potassium It is also a rich vegetable. It is not thought that such a useful food may have harmful aspects, but it is important to consume celery like everything else. Celery özgü even been included in babies’ nutrition programs due to its harmless nature.

What is Celery?

Latin name Apium graveolens celery Parsley It is a plant from the family. It grows heavily in the coastal regions of northern and western Europe. Celery can grow up to one or two meters in length. The flowers of the plant are cream-like color and approximately 3 mm in diameter.

What Are The Characteristics Of Celery?

The leaves and roots of the celery plant can be eaten. The plant can grow up to 2 meters in height. The flowers on it are 3 mm in diameter and have a cream-colored color. Two years The flowers of a plant, celery, are usually 3 mm in diameter, but rarely up to 6 mm. The homeland of celery is the Eastern Mediterranean countries. Harvest time of the plant starts from May and continues until October. Its very large fruit is similar to potatoes and can be used in many types of food.

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What are the Types of Celery?

Celery leaf and root celery There are two types as. The root of the leaf celery is small, its rather long leaves are suitable for consumption. Root celery özgü a root-shaped root. Usually boiled celery leaves are shorter. But considering the region where it grows up and small differences; We can say that there are varieties such as Çanakkale celery, oriental celery and Chinese celery.

What Are the Benefits of Celery?

Celery, a member of the parsley family, is especially preferred by those who like to eat Mediterranean style. Celery, which is low in calories, is usually made as a meal with olive oil. The main benefits of celery, which contains many vitamins necessary for health, are as follows;

  • Celery rheumatism It is effective in relieving caused pain.
  • People with lung infections should eat celery to support treatment.
  • It is effective in correcting acne problems.
  • Celery sedative known to have an effect. The essential oils in it are effective in calming the nervous system.
  • Celery, which minimizes the stress level, is ideal for a comfortable sleep.
  • Celery, a fibrous vegetable regulation of the digestive system Allows.
  • Containing a large amount of water in its content, celery helps to remove unnecessary substances in the body.
  • Regularly consumed celery your eye health Allows protection. The intense vitamin A in it is effective in eliminating vision problems and protecting eyes.
  • Celery can be useful in balancing bad cholesterol and reducing blood pressure.
  • Celery fixed sexual problems In the direction of research özgü been done and özgü been positive.
  • Celery, which is a storehouse of vitamins, also protects the body against many types of cancer, especially breast cancer. Click for detailed information about breast cancer.
  • It cleans the blood.
  • It provides a clearer and brighter skin by removing acne.
  • It is very beneficial for liver health.
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How to Use Celery?

After grating the celery raw, you can add yogurt and walnuts and consume it in the biçim of a salad. It is difficult to consume directly by biting as it özgü a slightly bitter taste. Another alternative is celery. Especially made with olive oil stuffed celery and other types of food are good for health. Other than these celery soup and salad can also be done.

In addition to being consumed as food, it is possible to benefit from the juice of celery. Another useful part of celery is celery seed. Celery seed’s ability to fight cancer is known. Inside the seed of the vegetable polyacetylenes and phthalates components are available. These components actively fight tumors.

To prepare the celery seed tea, it will be sufficient to add a large glass of water and a teaspoon of celery seeds. Celery seeds should be added to the water and boiled. After boiling, it is strained and drunk hot. If a cup of celery seed tea is drunk a day, the body can be protected against cancer.

How to Prepare Celery Juice?

Celery for cardiovascular health Its benefit is directly related to keeping cholesterol in balance. Studies have shown that celery juice provides this balance. An increase in the secretion of bile acid is observed with drinking celery juice. This bile acid will help lower bad cholesterol. Celery juice a glass a day drinking is enough. Add some celery into boiling water and boil a little more. After the celery softens a little, take it from the stove and drain the water. When the water is hot enough to drink, you can consume it slightly warm.

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What Are the Side Effects of Celery?

Although celery is a very useful vegetable, it should be avoided in some cases. If you have problems with your digestive system and you have diarrhea; you should stay away from celery. Celery diuretic It is an effective vegetable and when consumed with diarrhea, it can further exacerbate the sorun of diarrhea. Diarrhea because it is rich in fiber, gas and abdominal pain may cause.

Those who are preparing for surgery related to the nervous system should stop consuming celery 10 days before. When consumed excessively, celery can be harmful as it is known that the vitamins taken in excess wear down the liver and digestion. There are no clear studies on the use of celery in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It is accepted that there will be no sorun when consumed in moderate amounts, but it is still useful to consult a doctor before use.

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Breastfeeding mothers should stay away from celery for a while. Since celery is a gas-producing vegetable, it can also cause gas discomfort for the nursing baby. To get the benefits of celery, it is best to consume it in moderation and in the right way. Celery consumed in a certain portion with the correct cooking method is unlikely to cause harm.

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