what is catatonia ?

Catatonia is a sort of schizophrenia by which the individual oscillates between pleasure and distraction.

  • catatonia; It was first described by Karl Kahlbaum in 1874. It actually means ‘to stretch tight’ in Greek.

The interval when the time period catatonia was outlined was a interval when psychiatrists started to affiliate psychological sicknesses with mind dysfunction.


Findings in catatonia embrace:

  • easy motion issues
  • Advanced willpower issues
  • Behavioral issues
  • Speech issues and freezing.

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Catatonia is typically related to different medical circumstances or particularly mind issues similar to neurodegenerative illness and encephalitis.

a extreme vitamin B12 deficiency; an infection; publicity to toxins; Situations similar to schizophrenia and different psychotic issues, autism, excessive trauma, and temper issues are additionally related to catatonia.

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Tranquilizers, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and antipsychotic drugs are sometimes used to deal with catatonia, with excessive warning.

Mind stimulation therapies similar to electroconvulsive remedy and NMDA antagonists (anesthetic ache drugs) are utilized in some circumstances.

Medical therapy might differ for somebody who is catatonic, relying on the circumstances current. Within the case of a vitamin deficiency, catatonia might be simply handled with dietary supplements.


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