What is captain-i-darya ?

Within the Ottoman Empire, the best navy and administrative chief of the naval forces is known as the captain of the ocean.

The rank of beylerbeyi till the center of the sixteenth century, and after that date, the significance of the vizier captain-ı deryas elevated with the growth of the abroad territories of the Ottoman Empire and because the conquests on the Mediterranean coast elevated.

They joined the Divan-ı Hümayun as a member, they usually managed the so-called ‘sea provinces’ of the Ottoman Empire (Algeria, Tunisia, Tripoli, Mediterranean islands) instantly or via sailor pashas.


The title of the captains who lived in Gallipoli and later in Kasımpaşa in Istanbul and was chargeable for the safety of the district and the shipyard, was abolished through the Tanzimat interval.

The primary Ottoman deryabeys had been additionally the sanjak directors. After the Ottoman naval base was moved from Izmit to Gallipoli, he began to be known as the captain of the ocean. II. In the course of the reign of Mehmed II, whereas the navy gained a powerful construction and group, the powers of the captain had been elevated.

On the finish of the sixteenth century, the observe of becoming a member of the Divan-ı Hümayun as members with the rank of vizier was initiated for these appointed to the rank of captain.

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Admiral Admiral was the supreme commander of the Navy-yi Humayun and Tersane-i Amire. He had the authority to make all appointments, to write down judgments and to attract the tughra. He would additionally distribute the fiefs and fiefs of the Derya Pen.

The particular person appointed because the captain of the ocean would first put on fur on the ground of the grand vizier, then go to the Shipyard with a ceremony and begin his obligation. Though generally seamen had been appointed, largely civilian and navy viziers had been delivered to this job. Maneuvering the navy, planning the coastal and offshore patrol providers, and the work of the Shipyard had been the principle duties of the captain of the ocean.

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Listening to the complaints in his workplace in Tersane-i Amire, the captain was additionally chargeable for the security of the Golden Horn and its environment. He might instantly deal with the circumstances within the Tersane-i Amire areas, and will additionally impose the demise penalty. He additionally referred some circumstances to the choose.

When he was going to sail with the navy, he inspected the grand vizier at Tersane-i Amire earlier than departing from Istanbul, then went with him to the Topkapı Palace and ascended to the sultan’s flooring. In the meantime, the navy would anchor off the palace coast and carry out the salutation job with artillery. When he was not in Istanbul, the shipyard trustee acted because the captain of the ocean.

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Admiralty was abolished in 1867 and two models had been shaped, specifically the Navy Ministry and the Command Council. Though it was re-established in 1876 and between 1878-80, in the long run the principle duties of the captain of the ocean had been taken over by the navy minister.


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