What is Captagon

Commerce Minister Mehmet Muş introduced that 1072 kilograms of “Captagon” kind medicine with a market worth of 313 million liras have been seized on the Hatay Customs Gate.

Subsequently, the query of “what is a captagon” grew to become a matter of curiosity. Right here is details about captagon..


Out there; trucker drugs, evening owl, passenger capsule, urge for food suppressant, and so forth. Captagon, often known as phenetylline, is an amphetamine by-product. This lively ingredient is obtained by combining amphetamine and theophylline.

It was first found in 1961 whereas investigating the results of theophylline on the nervous system in Germany. Within the following years, it unfold beneath the identify of Captagon in Europe, and captagon started to be prescribed along with amphetamine medicine for sufferers with consideration deficit, hyperactivity, narcolepsy, melancholy and epilepsy.

Manufacturing was discontinued in 1980 as a result of abuse.

In recent times, the unlawful use and manufacturing of Captagon has elevated in Center Jap nations. This capsule is used to learn from these results in areas the place there is battle, because it will increase the insomnia and a spotlight course of in individuals.


It acts instantly on the mind and makes adjustments on the nervous system. When used, the center rhythm accelerates, physique temperature will increase, respiratory accelerates, blood stress rises. The individual feels an enlargement in his lungs, an extreme vitality and lack of urge for food comes with it.

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Since euphoria will increase the state of braveness in people utilizing Captagon, individuals hurt themselves and their setting with out considering, and they don’t really feel worry.

Captagon is an addictive stimulant that causes varied well being issues. It is recognized that the social, organic and psychological integrity of individuals is broken. Though a few of its unintended effects appear to be a bonus for individuals who use it, it is a harmful substance that threatens well being in some ways and performs a job within the formation of dependancy.

Despair, long-term drowsiness, sleep disturbance, cardiovascular poisoning might be seen in extreme use. There are two phases recognized within the manufacturing of captagon.


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