What is bunyavirus ?

Bunyaviruses, that are 5 species, are a household of viruses that trigger critical ailments in people.

Bunyavirus is a virus belonging to the Bunyaviridae household.

Its particles are between about 80-120 nanometers (nm). Do not forget that 1 nm is 10 to the minus 9 meters.

Bunyavirus comprises single-stranded negative-sense RNA.

The genome encodes an endogenous RNA polymerase enzyme that is used to transcribe negative-sense RNA into positive-sense RNA. This may then be used for translation or synthesis of proteins.


The Bunyavirus household consists of 5 species: Orthobunyavirus, Phlebovirus, Nairovirus, Tospovirus, and Hantavirus.


Most of those viruses are transmitted by arthropods akin to ticks, mosquitoes and sandflies and trigger critical human sickness, together with some sorts of viral hemorrhagic fever.

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