What is bilge ?

The rearmost a part of the ship, the place the engines, gasoline tanks and boilers of ships or boats are positioned, is referred to as the bilge space.

Bilge is the bottom compartment the place the diesel water leaking from the ship and the oil substances flowing from the engine and boiler rooms are collected.

Each ship, whether or not it is a container ship, an oil tanker or a cargo ship, produces bilge water, which is a continuing disposal drawback.

All of the soiled wastes are collected from the realm referred to as bilge with the assistance of a pump to the bilge tank of 5-15 tons within the ship’s maintain. They’re unloaded with a doc issued to grease firms or personal freighters which might be ready on the ports for cleansing.

Bilge Water

Bilge water; brine, cooling water, gasoline and lubricating oil leaks, dewatering of settling and sludge tanks, drainage of varied cleansing processes, in addition to soot and dust particles.

Earlier than questioning its discharge into the ocean, IMO rules stipulate that this explosive combination is purified very intensively to scale back the residual oil content material to lower than 15 ppm.

What is Bilge #1


It is strictly prohibited by legislation to launch these bilge waters on all ships into the seas or streams. In any other case, the ship is moored by the respective port. Fines are issued, and the captain may even be delivered to courtroom.

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