What is autosexual

Kourtney Kardashian, a mom of three, made outstanding statements about her sexual life and introduced that she is autosexual.

Nevertheless, the query of what is autosexual got here to the fore.


Autosexuality might be outlined as “the function of being aroused by one’s personal eroticism”. {People} who don’t embody the second particular person of their sexual life are known as autosexuals.

Though autosexual habits is thought of a standard a part of human growth, not having sexual activity with others is thought of a psychological dysfunction.

Autosexuality can transcend sexual habits and embody self-longing or self-desire.

Auto-romantic folks expertise their relationship with themselves as ‘romantic’, whereas autosexuals really feel intense sexual want in the direction of them. Autoromantic folks deal with themselves identical to they’d deal with a lover.


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