What is aura

The aura is not a mysterious vitality, however a protecting protect from the move of optimistic and damaging expenses inside our physique.

Each animate or inanimate object on earth has an aura. The aura of animate and inanimate objects differs. The atoms that make up residing beings are present in a extra lively construction.


There are individuals whose aura is robust and weak. {People} who’re weak get sick very simply. They’re very a lot affected by damaging conditions. An individual with a robust aura, that is, excessive, turns into ailing and reacts positively to damaging occasions.

A excessive aura means an individual’s life vitality is excessive. It acts as a protect towards illnesses and dangerous energies coming from outdoors.

It additionally performs a robust position emotionally and spiritually. Having a excessive aura is truly a optimistic state for the individual.


The aura consists of three primary layers and accompanying intermediate layers.

Etheric discipline; It transmits the life energies that come from the universe and exist round us to our physique.

psychological discipline; It creates a reference to the celebrities and the non secular world on our feelings.

psychological space; It impacts our mind-set. double etheric discipline; It is situated between these three primary layers. It is answerable for making certain the concord of those primary layers.

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