What is atelectasis

The significance of the lungs in physique well being is indeniable. The capabilities of the lung within the physique ought to work easily for a wholesome physique.

Lung issues scale back the standard of life by revealing respiratory issues.

Atelectasis, which can happen on account of numerous anatomical and physiological situations, is additionally a severe lung illness.


Atelectasis is a situation during which an element or complete of the lung is deflated and closed on account of shedding the air inside it.

The fuel taken by respiration earlier than long-lasting surgical procedures paves the way in which for the air within the lungs to shrink because of the anesthetic substance in its type. For that reason, atelectasis may be seen fairly often after surgical procedures.


Atelectasis that develops slowly and happens within the small lung tissue doesn’t trigger any signs, however life-threatening atelectasis that covers the liver additionally happens.

Atelectasis happens with signs corresponding to shortness of breath, cough, chest ache, fast respiration, shortness of breath, fever, bruising, sputum.

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