What is artificial meat ?

Artificial meat is created from animal stem cells with out harming the animal. Stem cells are propagated within the laboratory by putting them in a tradition medium.

Invoice Gates, in his speech throughout the promotion of his new e-book “Tips on how to Forestall Local weather Catastrophe”, acknowledged that developed international locations ought to abandon animal husbandry and swap to artificial meat consumption because of their share in international warming.

After this rationalization, artificial meat started to be investigated as a matter of curiosity.


Meat produced within the laboratory is obtained by taking stem cells from animals and rising them in a nutritious liquid within the laboratory. There is no have to kill animals on this course of.

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First, various protein sources are used when producing artificial meat. These various protein sources used may also be referred to as “meat alternate options”.

Generally used various protein sources are fungi (microproteins) and crops.

The subsequent is in-vitro meat and cultured meat created from cells and tissues produced in a laboratory setting, as an alternative of utilizing dwell microorganisms when producing artificial meat.

One other is using genetically modified organisms. Meat obtained from animals which have been genetically modified in a laboratory setting is thought-about artificial meat.

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It is thought that with the manufacturing of artificial meat, some elements that trigger unfavourable results on the setting and meals security originating from conventional manufacturing could be eradicated.

It is stated that with using artificial meat, it is aimed to scale back the emission of greenhouse gases, particularly methane gasoline, which happens in animal manufacturing, to the minimal stage attainable. On this method, it contributes to the prevention of world warming.

As well as, they argue that artificial meat ought to undoubtedly be used, because the destruction of forests and lands ensuing from animal manufacturing can be prevented, and numerous animals can be prevented from being slaughtered for the rising dietary want as a result of rising world inhabitants.

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Because the situation of artificial meat manufacturing is nonetheless very new, there aren’t sufficient and passable research by which the view of Islamic regulation is shared. The literature on the topic is newly fashioned.

There are two primary standards in fiqh on this regard; It is to acquire the stem cells to be cultured from animals slaughtered in accordance with halal and Islamic strategies and to satisfy the halal standards of the medium for use for the event of those cells.

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