What is an exclusive economic zone ?

Exclusive economic zone is the identify given to the ocean areas between the territorial waters of a coastal state and the open sea and granting economic rights and powers in these areas.

Marine areas by which a state has exclusive rights within the exploration and exploitation of marine assets, together with water and wind energy, beneath the United Nations Conference on the Regulation of the Sea.

This space extends from the coastal fringe of the state to the ocean, out to the ocean 200 nautical miles out of its territorial waters.


coastal state; has the precise to acquire economic advantages from all dwelling and non-living assets on the floor of the ocean areas, inside, on the seabed and within the elements beneath the seabed.

Nonetheless, there is no absolute proper of sovereignty over the EEZ declared by a state.

To ensure that a rustic to learn from the EEZ, it has an obligation to publish maps and geographical coordinate lists by applicable means and submit them to the UN.

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There is a large continental shelf and EEZ space in entrance of the Anatolian coast of Turkey, which extends from the purpose the place the Syrian border reaches the ocean within the Jap Mediterranean, to the Deveboynu cape.

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The continental shelf is the submarine geological pure extension of the coastal state.

From a authorized standpoint, the continental shelf consists of the continental slope and the whole continental margin with the continental top, along with the geological continental shelf.

On this context, Turkey additionally has a continental shelf within the seas which have coasts and within the Jap Mediterranean. The continental shelf provides the coastal state exclusive rights over the seabed and the prevailing wealth within the land mass under it.

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