What is an Apple? What Are the Types, Features and Benefits?

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The market value among fruits is suitable for every budget and can be reached by everyone due to the large number in our country, and it is a panacea with its benefits as well as its taste. Due to its many varieties sweet and sour It is one of the tastes that every palate likes.

Appearing with its benefits since ancient times, apple is a natural product for the human body thanks to the valuable vitamins it contains. antioxidant serves as the task. Thanks to the miraculous effect of the apple, it is possible to achieve a full body health with regularly consumed apples.

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In the regulation of cholesterol Especially elderly people are recommended to consume it as apple juice as it özgü a significant effect. While the apples consumed by adults are beneficial for their own bodies, the risk of developing many diseases such as asthma is reduced in the baby of a mother-to-be who takes care to eat apples during pregnancy.

What is an Apple?

What is an Apple?The apple, which doctors recommend to consume insistently, strengthens the immune system because its content is completely beneficial for human nature. For this reason, it is emphasized by experts that it is necessary to eat apples regularly. In the universe approx Close to 1000 There are apple types and many of them are grown in our country.

The fact that it is one of the most popular fruits with its smell and taste allows you to benefit from its benefits without any problems. Apple, one of the famous fruits of Amasya province, is a very tasty and shiny fruit with its variety known as the Amasya apple.

What Are the Types of Apple?

What Are the Types of Apple?Sources written about apples write that there are 1000 different varieties of apples. However, since we have access to information about the most produced and known ones, we will share them with you.

Golden Diamond: Golden apple variety, which is the most known and highly preferred among apple varieties, is one of the most durable types with its yellow color and pleasant running scent. Golden apple, whose homeland is USA, is harvested in September, özgü a long stem, and its taste is slightly sour.

Fuji Apple: Fuji apple, one of the other apple varieties, is a very delicious apple variety with its juicy and red spotted appearance. The taste is usually quite sweet. It is grown in Afyon and Eskişehir in our country.

Santana Apple: Being of European origin, Santana apple is one of the apple varieties with high quality due to its very large size and juiciness.

Amasya Apple: Amasya Apple is the first type that comes to mind when it comes to apple in our country. The average weight of this sweet and juicy apple is 90 grams. It is possible to consume the Amasya apple, also known as the musket apple, in the winter months. The most important feature is that it gives fruit every two years.

Jonathan Apple: You can easily recognize this apple variety by its cone or cylindrical shape. The red Jonathan apple is very sweet.

Other Apple Varieties: Apple varieties such as Summer Red, Granny Smith, Arapkızı, Gala, Goldstar, Hanna, Rayka, Starking, Top Red and Pinova are among the apple varieties grown both abroad and in our country.

What are the properties of apples?

What are the properties of apples?The starting point of the apple Southern Caucasus, Southern Russia and Central Asia is known to be. Angiosperms Rosaceae As the closest relatives of the apple belonging to his family plum and pear shown. An apple tree 5-12 meters can give size between. The flowers, which open with the leaves, are light pink at first. Apple that does not like arid and hot climates, To -35 degrees It özgü the ability to last up to. As a soil, it is suitable for growing in loamy and sandy soil.

One of the classic words that is usually spoken when someone peeling an apple is seen “benefit in the shell” The word özgü been scientifically proven as a result of the researches. Being extremely effective in maintaining the strength of the muscles, apple is one of the fruits recommended by nutritionists as well as great doctors. Which is the biggest disease of the age in cancer prevention The apple, which özgü a great effect, serves to prevent the proliferation and formation of cancer cells.

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Due to the fact that the value of the apple is a fruit that özgü been understood later, it özgü started to become conscious about its benefits. Fruit restriction is one of the most common problems as diabetic patients should stay away from fruits with high sugar content. At this point, apple, one of the most innocent fruits for diabetics, is recommended to be consumed safely by doctors.

What Are the Benefits of Apple?

What Are the Benefits of Apple?Apple is a fruit that must be consumed every day, with its benefits for people of all ages. Moreover, an apple eaten at snacks with its filling feature is also very effective in slimming by facilitating digestion. Apple, which is almost friendly to all organs in the body, especially one of the healthiest supporters of the heart is one. Although some apple varieties do not taste very sweet, the amount of apples consumed daily should be adjusted in a balanced way, considering the sugar content they contain. The main benefits of apple are as follows;

  • To ease digestion Since it is a fibrous fruit, it is very useful for the digestive system, and it is among the rare fruits that minimize the risk of colon cancer.
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, in expelling viruses It is very effective.
  • It provides strengthening of bones.
  • It is good for eye health as it contains vitamin A.
  • It is indispensable for diet lists with its fullness feature.
  • Apple eaten after eating is beneficial for dental health.
  • It is recommended to eat one apple every day for cardiovascular health.
  • It provides a bright and healthy skin.
  • It protects from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
  • It lowers cholesterol.
  • It prevents gallstones.
  • It is beneficial to the liver.
  • It is known to prevent all types of cancer.

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