What is amphora ?

Amphora is a sort of Greek pottery from historic occasions. It narrows from underneath the neck half, which is fairly skinny from its physique, in direction of the underside and has two handles.

The phrase amphora is shaped by combining the phrases “amphi” which means double sided and “pherein” which means to hold. The amphoras of the tribes that dominated the Mediterranean earlier than the Greek amphoras are probably the most used amphoras.

There are two completely different types of the amphora: the necked amphora, the place the neck half meets the physique at proper angles, or the one-piece amphora, the place this mix continues with a clean curve.

The necked amphora was first used within the ninth century BC, and the one-piece one within the seventh century BC.

6-2 BC. Within the festivities held in honor of the Goddess Athena between the nineteenth and sixteenth centuries, black amphorae crammed with olive oil and figured on prime have been used. These amphoras, which have a singular container type, are known as panathenic amphorae.

The amphorae which have survived to the current day in varied types from varied ages; It was used to move grain, olives, olive oil and wine. Particularly throughout the Roman interval, many amphorae have been produced to hold wine.

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Wine amphorae are 39 liters based on the Attic scale. Giant amphorae have been often made to be used in tombstones or funeral rites.


In line with TDK, The which means of the phrase amphora, which is of Latin origin, is as follows:

– Jug with two handles, pointed backside, slender neck, extensive stomach.


In historic occasions, Sinop was the middle of amphora manufacturing and export. Archaeological excavations date again to the third century BC at Zeytinlik and Nisiköy on the Boztepe peninsula, and 3-4 years at Demirci Bay. century amphorae have been discovered.

In Anabasis, amphorae are talked about because the title of the jars the place Mossioniks, one of many indigenous peoples of the Black Sea, saved dolphin oil:

There was additionally salted dolphin meat pressed into cubes, and dolphin oil in bowls.

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Pointed Backside Amphora: It was typically used for buying and selling. Because of its pointed backside, it saves house in transport autos.

Nolan Amphora: It has a attribute construction with an outward-opening mouth and upward-extending handles.

Nicothenes Amphora: It was began to be produced by Nikosthenes in 530. It is primarily of Etruscan origin and was identified and liked by the Greeks by commerce. The bottom of this amphora kind, which has a really outstanding mouth opening outwards and extensive handles, opens outwards.

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Ayla-Axum Amphorae

Analysis because the Nineties additionally raises the suspicion that this amphora kind could also be particular to the Byzantine or early Islamic interval. Because of this, it is generally known as “Aqaba Amphorae” within the literature.


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