What is ammonium nitrate ?

Ammonium nitrate is a chemical element often called a nitrogenous compound.

Ammonium nitrate has the chemical method NH₄NO₃.

This product, which is produced within the type of small grains, is one of the crucial extensively used fertilizers on this planet.

It is additionally the primary element of many forms of explosives in mining. Too many issues should go mistaken for an industrial ammonium nitrate catastrophe to occur.


Ammonium nitrate doesn’t burn by itself. As a substitute, it acts as a supply of oxygen, which might speed up the combustion of different supplies.

For combustion to happen, there have to be oxygen within the surroundings. Ammonium nitrate offers a way more concentrated supply of oxygen than the air round us.

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Nonetheless, at sufficiently excessive temperatures, ammonium nitrate can decompose violently by itself.

This course of creates gases together with nitrogen oxides and water vapour. This fast launch of gases results in an explosion.

Ammonium nitrate decomposition may be triggered if an explosion happens the place it is saved. The explosion that occurred within the industrial zone of Tientsin, China, in 2015, exemplifies this example.

Within the incident that shook the Asian nation, 173 individuals misplaced their lives within the explosion that occurred after flammable chemical compounds and ammonium nitrate had been introduced collectively within the manufacturing facility.

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A minimum of 100 individuals misplaced their lives and hundreds had been injured within the incident that occurred in Lebanon’s Beirut Port on August 4, 2020. After the incident, it was introduced that the explosion was brought on by 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate held within the port.


In line with The Dialog, it is comparatively tough for a fireplace to set off an ammonium nitrate explosion. The fireplace have to be in the identical space because the ammonium nitrate and have to be contained.

Ammonium nitrate is categorized as a hazardous substance and all elements of its use are strictly regulated and controlled.

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