What is amigurumi ?

Amigurumi, also called Imek Bebek, is a knitting method that may be knitted with knitting crochet and is made utilizing the frequent needle method.

amigurumiAmi is a phrase of Japanese origin. (made with crochet or skewer) and nuigurumi (stuffed toy) It is the difference of the frequent needle method to the toy, which is well-known by knitting women, which derives from the phrase.


The frequent needle utilized in Turkish handicrafts is crucial method in amigurumi. The supplies used are crochet or knitting needles, thread, bead fiber, dry pastel and amigurumi eyes with safety locks.

You’ll be able to select to color as a substitute of amigurumi eyes or to embroider with knitting yarn.

Crucial function of Amigurumi eyes is that they by no means come out of the place they’re connected to and they’re 100% dependable.

Equipment equivalent to colourful felts, knitting or stitching garments, hair and hairpins are added to extend the visuality of a made amigurumi.

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