What is amenorrhea ?

amenorrhea; It is known as the absence of menstrual bleeding or its cessation after a short while. This is commonest in pregnant ladies.

Amenorrhea is a common identify given to issues associated to menstrual bleeding. The most typical reason for amenorrhea, which is known as the absence of menstrual bleeding or its cessation inside a brief time frame, is being pregnant.


Amenorrhea is the absence of menstrual bleeding or its cessation for any purpose after it has began. The opposite reason for amenorrhea is associated to the reproductive organs or glands that regulate hormone ranges.


The causes of amenorrhea are breastfeeding, menopause, intense train, excessive weak point, bodily sickness and stress.


Amonerre brought on by extreme weight reduction or weight acquire will be prevented by sustaining a traditional weight. The course of the illness is dependent upon the trigger and the therapy accessible. Among the many remedies; surgical intervention for anatomical abnormalities, correction of underlying situations, way of life modifications, drug remedy, hormone therapies.

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