What is altimeter ?

An altimeter is a tool used to search out the peak of a area above sea degree.

The system that exhibits the peak of a spot to sea degree primarily based on the connection of the open air stress with the altitude is referred to as an altimeter.

A sort of barometer, the altimeter is utilized in plane, by climbers, within the navy, and by meteorologists.

Air stress is affected by temperature and humidity in addition to altitude.

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In a closed vessel, the fuel stress is equal in any respect factors.

On this case, the worth of the open air stress is additionally excessive, that is, it is decrease in mountainous areas and at its highest degree at sea degree.

This is as a result of the density of the ambiance is better close to the earth’s floor on account of gravity.

Whereas the air density decreases as you go to the upper areas, the thickness of the atmospheric layer you’re uncovered to decreases as you go to the upper areas.

Air stress decreases as you go above sea degree. Air stress decreases by 1 mmHg each 10.5 meters as much as 500 meters altitude.

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