What is Allspice (Jamaican Pepper)? How to use? What Are the Benefits and Side Effects?

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Jamaican pepper allspice, also known as; usually spice used as a plant species. Pimento, pimenta Allspice, also known by names such as, especially benefits digestive system problems. Allspice plant is often used as a spice added to meals. It is rarely used in the biçim of oil obtained from the plant’s essence. Allspice plant (Pimenta racemosa) grows in the south and central regions of America. The English name of the plant is allspice.

Allspice; It contains the fragrances of many spices such as ginger, coconut, clove and cinnamon. Therefore all spices means allspice It is thought that it got its name. Allspice when used correctly and regularly helps the body fight diseases. Allspice dishes, which are among the most effective alternatives among natural products, can also be used by adding them.

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Allspice seeds oil and tea suitable for use in different areas. Allspice plant özgü antiseptic properties. Thus, it provides protection against free radicals circulating in the body. Allspice; While it is used in the treatment of cough, bronchitis and depression, it can also be preferred for accelerating the healing of wounds.

What is allspice (Jamaican pepper)?

Latin name for allspice plant Pimenta racemosa‘is. Allspice, Mersingillers It is a plant species belonging to the family. Allspice, which is grown in the hot regions of America, is prepared to be used as a spice by drying after the plant matures. The tiny fruits of the plant are used for drying. The fruits of the allspice plant are picked while still green and left to dry in the sun.

The drying process will take place when the color turns brown. Aromatic scent allspice a bitter taste özgü. It is preferred in meals, especially in making meatballs. It can also be added to pickles to add flavor. If we list the general features of the allspice plant as follows;

  • The allspice plant originates in Central America and grows mostly within the United States.
  • The root of the plant is woody and shaped like a pile.
  • Allspice plant can grow up to 10 meters in length.
  • Although the scent of the fruit obtained from the allspice plant resembles many spices, it is mostly clove.
  • The fruit of allspice is similar in size and shape to a grape.
  • In the content of the fruit obtained from allspice plant tannin and resin are available. Despite its hard and bitter taste, it özgü a pleasant smell. Allspice spice also contains essential oils. It is interesting that this simple composition is so useful and contains a lot of vitamins.

How to Use Allspice?

Allspice plant should be consumed by everyone, not only those with health problems. Allspice spice, stuffed stuffing, meatballs, food It is possible to use. Homemade to pickles If you want to add flavor, you can use allspice.

You can use allspice oil, which is obtained from the leaves and fruits of the allspice plant by steam method, in many skin diseases. Allspice oil özgü a pain relieving effect as well as improving skin diseases. However, excessive use of oil may cause skin irritation.

When you use allspice oil too much, your skin problems will not improve faster. To use allspice oil on the skin, you can apply a few drops of the oil to your fingertips with a massage. It is not recommended to apply allspice oil anywhere other than the skin. It is beneficial not to apply methods that have not been tried yet. Allspice oil should not be used orally as in spices.

What Are the Benefits of Allspice?

It does not have a long history to discover the benefits of allspice. In a study published in 2010, it was understood that allspice relieves pain caused by problems in the nervous system. This research özgü been tested on mice and remains that way. Although it is not a medical and clear result, its accuracy is accepted. The benefits of allspice plant, which are accepted and frequently used by the public, are as follows;

  • Allspice spice when added to meals is a solid carminative. Spice, which positively affects digestion, is also effective in relieving ailments such as vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.
  • Allspice by helping to strengthen memory forgetfulness there is a solution.
  • Allspice contributes to the acceleration of blood circulation with its mild bitter taste and content.
  • Vascular health Allspice, which is useful for, is especially important in preventing arteriosclerosis.
  • If you have a feeling of cold, bronchitis, cold, dry cough; You can use allspice spice.
  • Allspice is a good natural local anesthetic for gingivitis and toothache.
  • The oil obtained from the allspice plant is successful in relieving joint pain. The oil applied to the painful area reduces the feeling of pain by acting as an anesthetic. Therefore, it provides relief in a short time.
  • Allspice oil can be used to treat wounds caused by bacteria and fungi.

What Are the Side Effects of Allspice?

Since the use of allspice plants does not have a deep history, there is no clear information about the side effects of its use. There özgü not been any sorun with its use so far, but especially pregnant women and nursing mothers It is not recommended for use. Allspice, like all other spices, should be used in moderation. There is no clear information on how overused allspice will work.

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If discomfort is felt after consuming allspice, allergy If similar symptoms occur, a doctor should be consulted. Those with a weak body and those who are easily allergic to everything should be cautious while consuming allspice. If possible, it should be consumed little by little; It should not be used abundantly at once.

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