What is Akika Sacrifice

In Akika Sacrifice, which is sacrificed for the brand new born baby, the situations in different sacrifices are sought.


The sacrifice that is sacrificed for the new child baby for the sake of gratitude is referred to as “Akika”. Hz. Descendants of the Prophet Hasan and Hz. He sacrificed Akika for Hussein (Ebû Dâvûd, Dahaya, 21; Nesâî, Akîka, 1), in one among his hadiths, “Each baby is like a hostage in trade for the Akika Sacrifice to be sacrificed for him on the seventh day (of his delivery).

After the Akika Sacrifice is sacrificed, the top of the kid is shaved and a reputation is given to it.” (Abu Dawud, Dahaya, 21). Akika Sacrifice is permissible in response to the Hanafi sect, and it is sunnah in response to different sects.


Akika Sacrifice will be sacrificed from the day of delivery to the age of puberty, however it is extra virtuous to be completed on the seventh day of delivery. It is mustahab to provide a reputation to the kid on the identical day and to provide charity as a lot as its hair’s weight in gold or its worth (Ibn Rushd, Bidaye, I, 463-464). Everybody, together with mother and father, can eat the meat of Akika Kurban.

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