What is Akhism? ?

The Ahi group was based by Ahi Evran Veli within the 1200s to offer job alternatives to the Turkmen who migrated to Anatolia at the moment, and to make them professionals.

Ahilik is a technique of cooperation referred to as the architect of the Turkification and Islamization of Anatolia and continues to be a supply of inspiration to at the present time.

Established by Ahi Evran Veli to offer meals and job alternatives to the Turkmen who migrated to Anatolia within the 1200s, the Akhism emerged in Kasyeri.


The origins of the ‘ahilik’ motion, which was initiated to boost a very good era of Muslims and to create certified professionals in dervish lodges and lodges, dates again a thousand years.

The Ahi order undertook many essential features, particularly by enabling the nomadic Turkish tribes dwelling in Anatolia to settle and convert to Islam.

What is Ahilik #1


Ahilik, as a phrase which means in Arabic “my brother” or Turkish “flux” (at Divan’ül Lügat’it Türk) “beneficiant”, “open hand” used within the which means.


The time period Ahilik, XVIII. Despite the fact that it become a tradesman-artist union after the XIII century. It may be described as a system with non secular, social, cultural, financial and political dimensions that began to be seen in Anatolia for the reason that nineteenth century and performed a serious function within the nationalization of Anatolia and the institution of the Ottoman State.

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What is Ahilik #2


The Ahi neighborhood didn’t initially emerge as a tradesman’s group, and there have been additionally qadis, professors, statesmen, and army officers; It is recognized that ahis embrace all segments of society.


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