What is agricultural frost

Agricultural frost, which is the most important threat in agricultural actions, is an occasion that happens when the temperature drops beneath 0°C or near 0°C.

Occasions that trigger supercooling of the earth’s floor by radiation and conduction present favorable primary situations for the formation of frost.

Particularly the truth that a sure place is crammed by a chilly and dry polar air mass, the air is clear and calm, the water vapor ratio of the environment is low, and a terrestrial temperature regime create favorable situations for frost.

On this case, the Basic Directorate of Meteorology warns the producers by making an agricultural frost warning.

For the reason that losses in agricultural manufacturing usually happen on this vary, our producers’ planning their measures for this era will reduce the injury which will happen.


Mild frost: 0°C to -2.2 0°C

Reasonable frost: -2.2°C to -4.4 0°C

Sturdy frost: lower than -4,4 0°C

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On account of agricultural frost, the flower or fruit on the plant is broken by the impact of air falling beneath 0°C.

Frost injury is seen not solely on flowers and fruits, but additionally on younger shoots. Consequently, because of this a yr’s labor of the producer is wasted.

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Numerous strategies are utilized to guard agricultural merchandise from frost. Probably the most applicable, most sensible and least expensive technique needs to be chosen, contemplating the local weather situations of every area, the kind of agriculture, the traits of the plant grown, and the chances of the agricultural enterprise.

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