What is a valve mask, what are the harms? Why was the valve mask banned?

With the coronavirus pandemic, residents’ analysis continues on the masks that the entire world has to make use of.

Whereas questions similar to which mask is higher and which protects extra, the assertion from Turkish Airways confused the residents.

After THY Common Supervisor Bilal Ekşi warned passengers to not put on a valve mask inside the aircraft, it was questioned what the valve mask was and its options.

Residents, what is a valve mask? Why did THY ban the valve mask? What are the harms of Valve Mask? researching.


It is the spherical plastic half on the entrance of the valve masks.

In filter masks, they are elements that work unilaterally and take the air out because it is. The remainder of the mask is all filter.

The valve doesn’t filter.


Turkish Airways THY Common Supervisor Bilal Ekşi mentioned in a assertion right now: “Please don’t put on a VALVE MASK inside the plane. The usage of valve masks inside the plane is prohibited by the authorities for the well being of the passengers. Our flight attendants demand that you simply change your valve mask to adjust to the well being guidelines. Please allow us to enable you to for well being.” He defined why a valve mask shouldn’t be utilized by making statements.

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What is a valve mask, what are the harms?  Why was the valve mask banned?  #2nd


The characteristic of valve masks doesn’t preserve your breath inside, however transfers your breath to the outdoors by way of the valve, which is the plastic spherical half on the entrance. This example is problematic.

Corona virus sufferers utilizing valve masks unfold the illness and infectious germs as they are.

Valve masks have expiration dates. The overwhelming majority of our individuals want such masks. Nevertheless, this case considerably will increase the danger of illness and spreads it.

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