What is a trustee ?

A trustee is a short-term administrator appointed by the state to handle sure affairs of authorized entities or to handle commodity property.

The phrase trustee within the authorized sense “An individual appointed to handle a sure property or to do a sure job” means.

The trustee is the supervisor appointed by the state after the seizure of personal establishments, firms, that are typically topic to irregularities.


The appointment of a trustee might be carried out in 3 alternative ways.

1) Illustration Trustee
Illustration trusteeship is the state of affairs the place a trustee is appointed on the request of the particular person involved or ex officio. This case happens resulting from some causes of the guardianship authority or the conditions specified within the regulation.

2) Administration Trustee
The guardianship authority takes the required measures for the establishments whose administration doesn’t belong to anybody, and in some instances appoints this trustee.

3) Trustee on Request
Trusteeship upon request; In case one of many causes for the non-obligatory restriction happens, the appointment of a trustee is carried out upon the request of the grownup.

What is a trustee #1


The duties of the appointed trustee are decided by the court docket. The mandate of the trustee is short-term. The powers of the trustee are restricted to the circumstances resulting in his appointment.

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If the appointment of a trustee is requested for a sure job; The obligation, authority and interval of keep of the trustee are decided in keeping with this job. The obligation of the trustee is to handle the corporate and the establishment till the prison ingredient of the corporate or group is decided by a court docket choice or till the mentioned group is cleared of the fees.

On this context, the trustee is liable for taking and implementing every kind of choices, figuring out the brand new administration, and terminating the actions which might be the topic of accusations, if any.


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