What is a status quo ?

The phrase status quo, which is generally used to check with political events and political people, is used when one doesn’t query the present scenario and order, and doesn’t trouble to hunt the reality.

The phrase status quo comes up fairly often in agenda points or political discussions that we encounter in each day life.

Though the phrase status quoist, which we could have heard no less than as soon as within the coverage dialogue applications on tv, evokes conservatism by way of that means, status quoists are confronted with a theoretical construction.

Conservatives need to mix custom, faith and nationwide values ​​and protect the ensuing non secular that means.


A status quo is a particular person or group who hesitates to query the order they’re in and refrains from looking for the correct one.

The Turkish Language Establishment (TDK) that means of the phrase “status quo” utilized in each day life, in tv applications, in politics and in criticism of the army, and in forms is additionally very curious.

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The that means of the status quo in TDK, which is all the time offered as one of many subjects of debate within the mass media “resistance to alter” is indicated as.

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The that means of the phrase “status quo”, which we come throughout regularly, is additionally intriguing.

The that means of the phrase status quo within the TDK dictionary is as follows:

– Inclined to keep up the status quo

– Resisting change

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