What is a snow cave ?

A snow cave is a shelter made by mountaineers with a view to survive in storms and blizzards.

Snow cave is the creation of an space the place you may lie down by scraping the snow for lodging.

Snow caves normally stay fixed between 0 and -2 levels Celsius, whatever the temperature outdoors.

Climbers and a lot of the snowmen survived by the snow cave.


A snow cave is additionally a tenting space and all of the factors to be thought of in selecting a camp website are legitimate for selecting a snow cave location.

1. It needs to be away from areas with avalanche threat.

2. It shouldn’t be beneath snow balconies.

3. It shouldn’t be in areas the place there is a threat of rockfall.

4. It shouldn’t be beneath bushes.

5. It shouldn’t be in stream beds.

6. It shouldn’t be in pit areas.

7. If potential, it shouldn’t be open to the prevailing winds within the area.

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The doorway tunnel is dug upwards with a size of 1 meter and a slight slope. Then, the ground of the residing space to be opened is 15-20 cm from the ceiling of the doorway tunnel. Excavation is continued by turning upwards in order that it stays on the high.

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Ceiling thickness not less than 30 cm. needs to be. The ceiling needs to be made even and easy. There needs to be no protrusions. In any other case, the ensuing drops will move on you.

If the snow is mushy, it is essential to compact the snow by shoveling earlier than slicing the blocks.

A sufficiently giant air flow gap needs to be opened within the ceiling. So as to not trigger melting, the temperature of the within shouldn’t be elevated above 0 levels.

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