What is a septic tank

Septic pit is constructed underground the place there is no sewerage line and is used as a short-term storage place for constructing sewage drains.

When the pits, additionally known as septic tanks, are full, they’re evacuated to a different appropriate place with the assistance of a vacuum truck.


Sewers are underground techniques that include many alternative unhealthy environments. Lack of those techniques will start to multiply with micro organism spreading illness and well being issues.

Septic pits are additionally established to stop this example. Particularly in areas the place the variety of households is excessive, undesirable and disease-filled areas reminiscent of home waste and groundwater trigger tough conditions for individuals.

It ought to have a septic tank to stop air pollution.

Within the absence of a septic tank, illnesses reminiscent of cholera, typhoid fever, diarrhea and intestinal worms will invade the realm.


For the development of the septic tank based on the regulation:
• The pit must be positioned at the very least 18 meters from a effectively or ingesting water supply.
• The closest constructing to the place the place the pit is to be made must be at the very least 5 meters.
• It must be 10-20 meters from some other soaking pit.
• The underside of the tank must be saved at a distance of at the very least 1.5 meters from the seasonal groundwater.
• To ensure that the wastes to be thrown into the septic tank pit to be absorbed by the soil, it have to be in adequate contact with the encircling soil. If the soil is in a clayey construction, bigger pits must be opened.
• Satisfactory clearance must be left within the partitions for the pit to contact the encircling soil.

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