What is a polyp

Polyps can type within the uterus, cervix, intestines, nostril and lots of different locations within the physique which might be coated with mucous membranes and may develop over time and trigger some well being issues.

The polyps are rooted in any layer of the tissue the place they shaped and pushed outward within the type of a tumor. Polyps are hooked up to the tissue typically with a stem and typically with a large base.

There are various kinds of polyps based on their measurement, the tissues from which they’re rooted, and their construction. Though most of them are benign, there are additionally polyps that may turn out to be cancerous.

When the polyp is detected, it is evaluated medically and if the danger is seen, it is surgically eliminated. They principally seem as small and tiny spherical irregular tissue growths.


The explanations for the formation of polyps might differ based on the area of the physique.

On this context, throat polyps are normally brought on by loud noise or harm to the windpipe. Whereas there are completely different causes of polyps shaped in different areas, typically docs might not have the ability to decide the reason for polyps.

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Polyps generally; irritation, a international physique, cyst, tumor, mutation within the genes of colon cells, power abdomen irritation and extreme estrogen hormone secretion within the physique.


Polyps are named based on the areas the place they happen and are divided into differing types. The commonest forms of polyps are:

  • Endometrial polyp: Polyp formation within the uterus is a quite common situation, particularly within the postmenopausal interval. Polyps originating from the uterus or cervix, additionally known as endometrial polyps, are normally manifested by the bleeding downside.

  • Gallbladder polyps: Polyp formation within the gallbladder is typically confused with different illnesses akin to gallstones and biliary sludge. Gallbladder removing could also be crucial if the polyp is massive in measurement and causes biliary obstruction.

  • Vocal wire polyps: Some people with issues akin to bifurcation and thickness of their voices have polyps and nodules of their vocal cords. It may be handled with the assistance of medicine and surgical interventions.

  • Intestinal polyps: Specifically, polyp formation within the massive gut can result in negativities akin to recurrent diarrhea, modifications in stool look and blood within the stool. In case of extreme signs, these polyps ought to be eliminated with the assistance of surgical interventions.

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