What is a pictogram ?

Pictogram is the image of any object, place, idea, signal and operation and turning it into a image.

Pictogram, which is outlined because the expression of something by means of portray, evokes the identical that means for everybody whatever the language, faith, race and mind-set of the societies.

Pictogram is an essential useful resource that is used to clarify some issues simply, particularly at the moment.

The idea of pictogram emerged with the mix of the Latin phrase “pictus” (image) and “gram”. The idea of Pictogram, which is fashioned by the mix of those two phrases,image with out caption” It means.


The primary look of the pictogram in historical past dates again to China in 5000 BC.

At the moment, some communities nonetheless use pictograph writing approach. These communities are undeveloped communities dwelling in Africa and America. Whereas this idea is utilized in writing in undeveloped cultures, developed societies use it as symbols which have the function of directing life.

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Top-of-the-line examples that may be given to the pictogram is the site visitors indicators used at the moment.

One other function of pictograms is that they evoke the identical connotation by way of that means, whatever the language, faith and race of the individuals.

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Pictograms have a crucial place with their common meanings in locations that unite many various nations corresponding to practice stations, airports, bus stations and bazaars.

The pictogram additionally expresses what is forbidden to do whereas organizing life. For instance, the no canine allowed image is a Pictogram. It is forbidden to enter the place with this image with a canine.

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