What is a neutron star

Neutron stars are fashioned by the collapse of a huge star that runs out of gas. Probably the most central area of the star, the core, collapses, turning each proton and electron into a neutron.

If the core of the collapsed star is about 1 to three photo voltaic plenty, these newly fashioned neutrons cease collapsing, leaving a neutron star behind. Increased-mass stars proceed to break down to grow to be black holes.

This collapse leaves a dense object behind. The stellar remnants are about 20 kilometers in diameter.

Neutron stars have been scattered all through the galaxy since they started their existence as stars and, like stars, could be present in solitary or binary techniques.

Many neutron stars are most likely undetectable as a result of they do not emit sufficient radiation. Nonetheless, they are often simply noticed beneath sure situations.

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