What is a kingfisher

Members of this household are unfold all around the world. They’re discovered within the area from Africa to Australia.

one species “alcedo atthis” It happens in Europe and northern Asia. The origin of the household is considered initially from Asia.


Kingfisher with a massive head, quick neck, lengthy and powerful beak, lives in forests and wetlands. Nests of chicken species that feed on bugs, reptiles and fish; It happens vertically within the soil, within the type of galleries or in tree hollows.


The fry are bare once they hatch, whereas the aquatic ones dive abruptly into the water. Their breeding areas are typically freshwater edges, however they will also be discovered partially on the ocean coast.

Kingfisher seen even within the Bosphorus; Though they’re a native chicken species, they don’t migrate. The Kingfisher, which has the power to catch its prey in 1.3 seconds, often distinguishes itself with its voice.

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Because it is a chicken species that may dangle within the air, it has additionally been the topic of many songs. The Kingfisher, which has flights resembling perching upright or leaning ahead, sings at the moment.

The Kingfisher, which detects its prey by hanging within the air throughout looking, dives vertically and catches its prey. It swallows its prey within the route of its awns in order that it could possibly simply swallow it.

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