What is a kangaroo rat

The kangaroo rat is one of many 19 most fascinating animals on the earth.

There are two varieties of this outstanding mouse; pale kangaroo rat and darkish kangaroo rat.

The habitat of this animal, which is on the ‘crimson’ checklist of the World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), is deserts.

Being herbivorous, the kangaroo rat feeds on seeds and desert crops and deposits their meals within the effectively they dig for themselves.

The dark-colored kangaroo rat can also devour bugs.


The kangaroo rat, which adapts to its atmosphere, can dwell with out consuming water all through its life and attracts consideration with this function.

It meets the quantity of water wanted by its metabolism from the crops it consumes.

It additionally has the talents of ‘very good bounce’ and strolling on two legs.


On common, kangaroo rats may give beginning to 1 to 10 offspring at a time, and these pups spend their lives in pits 2.5-3 meters lengthy till they turn into adults.

Variations in nest formation may also be seen between the 2 mouse species.

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As a result of the darkish kangaroo rat is stronger, it could actually nest in stony soils. The pale kangaroo rat can nest solely in high-quality sand desert soil.

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