What is a granulocyte ?

Granulocyte, which might be discovered in numerous elements of the physique and gives a severe safety towards many exterior components, is a blood cell.

Granulocyte is the title given to numerous cell sorts that make up a a part of white blood cells.

The rationale why they received this title is the granules with completely different staining properties discovered within the cytoplasm of granulocyte cell sorts.


Granulocytes, which struggle towards overseas substances getting into the physique and dangerous microorganisms equivalent to micro organism and viruses, and guarantee their destruction, are divided into three sorts.

1- Neutrophil (Neutrophil Granulocyte)
2- Eosinophil (Eosinophil Granulocyte)
3- Basophil (Basophil Granulocyte) are listed as.

What is Granulocyte #1


Gran worth have to be inside a sure normal. This normal is dealt with and varies relying on some components.

– Eosinophil regular worth < 500 cells/mcl (lower than 500 cells in 1 microliter) – Neutrophil When thought-about when it comes to its regular worth; this worth varies relying on adults and kids. With the blood check to be carried out, the usual worth is decided beneath the management of a specialist physician,

– basophil Nonetheless, every microliter of blood ought to include a most of 300 baso. This makes up lower than 3 % of the overall white blood cells.

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