What is a frigate ?

Small and quick warships that serve to help massive ships and take part in short-term battles are referred to as frigates.

It is not but clear the place the phrase frigate, which is claimed to return from the English phrase ‘Frigate’, however is extra more likely to come from Arabic, got here into our language.

Firka means half, half, part in Arabic, whereas the suffix eyn denotes the state of being a couple. On this case, frigate means two-piece.


Due to their small dimension and pace, the ships which can be in service to help massive ships in conflict conditions or to take part in short-term battles are referred to as frigates.

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The trendy warship frigate, which is available in numerous tonnages however usually weighs between 2000 and 4000 tons, was first used within the 18th century.

The frigate is equal to the destroyer within the Western navies within the present interval.

This contemporary warship is designed to carry out quick, medium-armed, long-range and raid/liaison missions.

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