What is a falcon ball ?

The Shahi cannon was made in the course of the Ottoman Empire and was used within the conquest of Istanbul. It is the biggest and particular cannon of the period.

Shahi cannons have been invented in the course of the Ottoman interval and used for years. The falcon cannons utilized in many wars have been fairly efficient in intimidating the enemy.


The casting of the shahi ball, drawn by Turkish engineers beneath the management of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, was made by a caster named Hungarian City, whom the Byzantines had expelled earlier than. The development of the balls took three months.

The cannon and different cannons that City poured have been set off from Edirne in direction of the tip of January 1452 and have been delivered to Istanbul solely two months later.

In response to some historians, the cannons have been drawn with 30 chariots and 140 oxen, and 200 troopers have been deployed to stop it from falling.

Evliya Celebi,In entrance of the massive cannon, beneath the command of Kıraç Bey, a column of ten thousand raider cavalry was going, and thirty, in accordance with some, fifty or sixty pairs of oxen have been pulling the ball with problem.” he stated.

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On the time of the trial shootings in Edirne, Fatih Sultan Mehmet despatched criers to tell the general public concerning the supply of this noise.


The large ball that Mehmet the Conqueror poured to beat Istanbul is known as “Şahi”. The barrel of this ball is 91.5 cm. The cannonball, which weighs 680 kilograms, has a vary of 1200 meters. The massive cannons used later within the Ottoman military have been additionally known as Shahi.

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Fatih Sultan Mehmet despatched 42 of the cannons to the Dardanelles for the protection of the Dardanelles in 1464.

Unused for hundreds of years, the cannons have been used in opposition to the British navy in 1807, hitting the British ship and neutralizing 60 sailors.

Immediately, 6 cannons stay from the Fatih interval. The most important of those, the ‘Şahi’ used within the Straits, is in England right now. Different small cannons are within the backyard of the army museum in Harbiye.

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