What is a Detox Diet? How is it done?

Detox diet aimed at cleansing the body from harmful toxins and substances, while maintaining weight loss, in the same time strengthening immunity makes it less sick. Today, with many things becoming artificial, environmental pollution and genetically modified foods are unfortunately in the middle of life. Anyone who wishes to use a detox diet can easily apply the detox diet to minimize the damage of these factors.

This diet is also very suitable for many people who have a healthy diet. It is a biçim of diet that provides energy and vigor in a short time to those who feel constantly weak in a busy working gidişat. The fact that harmful toxins and substances accumulated in the body cause various diseases emphasizes the importance of the detox diet once again. An effective detox program is necessary for everyone who wants to have a strong immune system and at the same time to stay in shape.

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My Information Center In this article we have prepared for our readers, we will try to explain the logic of the detox diet, its purposes, how it is done, its benefits and harms. We will also share a sample list for our friends who will do it for the first time. However, let’s not forget that when we say detox, we shouldn’t think of just one recipe. You can apply many different detox diets by mixing many different foods. So don’t be surprised that the recipes you see in magazines, newspapers or websites are different. You can start practicing your diet by choosing one that appeals to you.

What is a Detox Diet?

What is a Detox Diet?The detox diet is in its simplest biçim, allowing the body to remove toxins it is a type of diet. Not only those who want to lose weight, but also those who adopt a healthy life can regularly make and consume detox diets or detox drinks. Hormone-containing foods, air pollution and many other harmful chemicals we take in are accumulating in our body.

The detox diet is one of the most successful diets that eliminate these pests from the body. It is one of the social responsibilities of those who are in the limelight that celebrities, who are constantly in trouble to hisse attention to their appearance, also set a positive example for their fans with their healthy lifestyle.

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Many celebrities, who are aware of the benefits of the detox diet, lose weight and maintain their biçim with the detox diet. One of these famous names Gülben Ergen, It is admired by many people with its body that looks fit in recent years. The wellness coach of many famous names Seyda Coskun It is among those who recommend a detox diet.

How to Make a Detox Diet?

How to Make a Detox Diet?People who have gotten rid of all harmful habits for a healthy life are already on a detox diet. Especially considering that alcohol and smoking cause many toxins to accumulate in the body, it is very important to stop these habits in a short time. In addition, the alkalinity of drinking water is an indispensable part of the detox diet.

Included in a healthy diet program drinking plenty of water Meeting the recommendation in a quality and healthy way will increase the effect of the diet. In addition, acidic foods and drinks should be avoided as much as possible.

Of vegetables and fruits organic It is one of the golden rules of healthy eating to hisse attention to the organic food consumed at a time when it is very difficult to find the one. That’s why you should buy products that you are sure are grown in organic farming. On the other hand, it is possible to have a radiant skin by cleansing the skin from the outside as well as restoring the body with nutrition from the inside.

Therefore, you can clean your dead skin by doing hot bath massages frequently. One of the elements that adds to the detox diet green tea It is one of the herbal teas that are recommended to be consumed in at least cup a day. Green tea is a very successful drink in weight loss by accelerating metabolism. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, it enables the fat in the body to be broken down. Also, if consumed regularly, it strengthens the immune system. As an additional suggestion, let’s take care to prepare your tea and your meals in porcelain containers.

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3 Day Detox Diet Example

1 day: You can start the day by eating an apple in the morning. Pass 100 grams of banana and blackberries through the rondo, mix with a glass of milk and drink it at a snack. You can close the day with a green salad at noon and a portion of meat saute in the evening.

2 days: In the morning, add the apple and blackberry mixture to a glass of milk and drink it. You can also add muesli to it if you wish. A salad of lettuce, broccoli and arugula would be ideal for lunch. In the evening, you can end the day with a French lentil meal. Do not neglect to eat one apple for snacks.

3 days: You can mix the mixture of orange, apple, hazelnut and muesli with half a glass of milk and eat it with a spoon. Because this time, we will ask you not to pass it through the rondo and finely chop it. For lunch, you can add chicken breast to your salad and have a small bowl of yogurt with it. In the evening, you can add boiled broccoli to 60 grams of pasta and consume it.

What Are Detox Drinks?

What Are Detox Drinks?Besides all these, let’s not go without mentioning the famous detox drinks. Consume the ingredients you will add in a liter of water for 1-2 hours and then consume them during the day. Of course, as all doctors recommend, at least 2 liters of water You should be careful to drink.

The content of detox drinks is entirely up to you. These drinks, which have tasks such as losing weight, burning fat and removing toxins, are really useful. Let’s give you some examples of detox drinks that you can prepare practically.

Toxin Purifying Detox Drink: Chop half a cucumber, half a red radish and 3 medium carrots into small pieces and pass them through a rondodan or juicer. If it is too solid, you can add half a glass of water and consume it.

The Detoxifying Water: This detox water is extremely easy to make and also takes no time. Add one cucumber, part lemon and 10 leaves of mint in a liter of water. You can choose mint in many detox waters. We explained detailed information about mint in this article. You can chop the cucumber and lemon into rings. After keeping it for 1-2 hours and allowing all the aroma to pass into the water, you can drink it with pleasure.

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What Are the Benefits of a Detox Diet?

What Are the Benefits of a Detox Diet?Many opportunities increase in every environment of çağıl life, however; As diseases increase at the same rate, it özgü become an important task to strive for a healthy lifestyle. In this direction, the detox diet, which is intended for those who take care of their health and also want to stay fit, is a useful diet that is almost harmless.

Although it is not exactly similar to other weight loss diets, keeping healthy preferences at the forefront makes the detox diet extremely healthy. This diet cleans the person’s liver, intestines and lungs from toxins. It makes the digestive system work more regularly. It balances the sugar and salt ratio in the body.

It is also a type of diet that shows the effect of the person applying it from the hair to the skin. Experts state that people who are free of excess weight, eat healthy, and are free of harmful substances in their body are healthier both physically and mentally.

What are the harms of the detox diet?

What are the harms of the detox diet?It would be wrong to talk about the harms of the detox diet, as the foods in the detox programs implemented are extremely healthy choices. In addition to vegetables and fruits that give the body vigor, herbal teas that help to remove toxins constitute the general content of the detox diet.

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Especially if the water preference is from alkaline water, the detox diet will benefit more. There are healthy foods in the detox diet lists that the person can get enough of. Without changing eating habits, it is aimed to have a healthy immune system of the body with the contribution of only healthy vegetables and fruits.

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