What is a censer

Unique origin is Arabic “incense”, nicely “Emitting a good scent when burned” The censer, which derives from the phrase which means, remained in our language from the Ottoman interval.


Incense is positioned inside for meditation, leisure, refreshment and filling the room with nice, fragrant scents; The censer, which is principally manufactured from ceramic, additionally permits the smoke to unfold evenly.


In the present day, incense, which we encounter particularly in meditative actions, helps to create totally different emotions and feelings in folks in response to the aromas used. The censer, which permits these incense to be unfold in an aesthetic manner, will also be embellished with customized motifs.

What is a censer #2

Censer pots, also referred to as miniature barbecues, are used with the assistance of small candles. The censer, which consists of two components, is reserved for the fragrant oil and incense to be positioned on the highest. On the backside of the censer, there is a particular place to place candles.


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